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Started by Munerift, April 18, 2006, 09:21:31 AM

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I stumbled upon a _very_ talented artist youth, who I feel would make a most WONDERFUL addition to the Xepher community... Her art is wonderful and bright, and her demeanor seems very kind and open. I searched around and it appears that she only has a place on deviantart though, here's her stuff:

Mayhap if you could offer her an informational email about the community and a gental nudge..? *looks innocent* :D
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Trying to run DA outta work eh?

Good! People like them, DivX, and Qtex can all go to hell. Making a free service, then slapping a price tag on it soon as it's somewhat popular is down right evil.
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...well I'm on DA... I dont agree with what they do however I have accepted it and still have my things on that site cause frankly they have a global audiance, and a very big one... it's a way to connect and mayhap even some day be recognized...

This young woman does wonderful art, and being the age she is I dont even think she realizes how far she could go at this point. She seems of a very good heart, and I think it would be wonderful to have her as part of the Xepher community.
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Her art is really she interested in starting up a website though?
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I dont know... that's why I wanted Xepher to give her a friendly email... ;)
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I agree, quite nice art. However...

At the moment, I can't even get through applicaitons for people who ASK to get in. Going and seeking new people would just be rude to all those patiently waiting. I do have plans for the future though. ;-)

Right now is a virtual mess. Half the users are in phase 1, half in phase 2. I have to do about 2/3 of my admin tasks manually, and I'm running on a server at the end of it's lifecycle. You've seen my plans for the server/system rebuild, and I think it's rather important to get that done -- to be running a tight ship that I can be proud of -- before actively seeking new members.

Now, that said, you (or any other) are free to talk to such people and point them this way. I would ask that you be sure to mention the long wait right now... and if you're feeling generous, the fact that it isn't always so bad.


Lol, I've never had a bad time here! =) But I will talk with her, sit down and write an email when I can get my daughter down for a nap later and when I've got longer than 5 mins to think and type.

I did see your plans for the future and I'm quite enthused with them... however I think the name is a might too cold for me thou... heh. FORESTA! =P Anywho if you need or would like my help in any way I can, dont be afraid to ask.
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