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Automated Color-Scheme Finder!

Started by Munerift, April 09, 2006, 02:19:59 AM

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Ever wanted an easier way to come up with a color scheme for your website but didnt want to do all the work yourself?

...well theres still hope for you!

You use the slider bars to make a set of matching colors, or the "Direct Edit" option allows you to easily choose your own! I found this tool to be quite usefull when coming up with some of my sites in the past, and didnt want to see it forgotten. Originally it was ment for use in painting interriors of homes, it's become a little known secret in the website creator's arsenal!
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Wow... that is actually really useful. Need to figure out the algorithms behind that and do it as a Gimp plugin.


...I think on that website the guy actually plugged a google search to other's teaking with the program, I'm pretty sure it exists out there already somewhere... =)
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Just saw this one. Seems a bit nifty as well, in that it's easier to just adjust saturation/brightness without changing hue.


this thing is extremely nifty. especially considering im partially colorblind =P
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I suck...I go to and look at their paint samples.
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golden-crystals seriously the best thing.....since....since....I hesitate to say sliced bread because that just takes the cake, but this is so close, lol
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