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Started by Xepher, April 28, 2006, 11:47:32 PM

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Not of colorado, but of the people (and lack thereof.) Love the mountains, love the weather, still can't find anything to do on friday nights. Everyone even close to my age in this down is pretty much a dropout ski bum. Just not my kind of people, and after two years without even a date, I really want a social life again.


Colorado is really pretty and a nice place to live, but I'd have to agree that the people of Texas are much better. Good choice. :)


I wish this Friday hadn't come ...

I kinda spun a bearing in th front cylinder of my Jeep. So I had to have it towed home and now it's kinda on hold for awhile... >.<
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No fun. I just blew $300 on my car, as I rolled over 100,000 miles a few months back, and I had all the service stuff done before I move. Went in for an oil change and leave with a bill like that... not expected.


But hey, since this seems like the general "random topic" thread... I was thinking about Canada earlier, and well, the train of thought had a very interesting journey, along with several derailments, but I arrived at the topic of seal clubbing. Then I had a funny image in my head. "Support Seal Clubbing! Pinnipeds have the same right to party as everyone else!" along with a rave scene full of seals in baggy pants, clapping their flippers to a walrus DJ, balancing black-light balls on their noses, and drinking anchovie martinis.