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PHP/MySQL Temporarily Offline

Started by Xepher, May 13, 2006, 12:30:14 AM

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Reinder: Yeah, it's good to have in a page... for servers that don't actually pass one in the HTTP header anyway. :-)

Deltha... that's not related to the upgrade actually... it's just a good old fashioned table crash. The good news is I repaired it, and it should be working now. Only you can verify that every bit of data is intact, but considering it's the posts table, even if there is a small amount of lost data, you'll probably never notice. (It would most likely show up as an old post now missing some text or being cut short.)


It works now... thanks... fast as always :D


All's fine here. I was planning on learning...whatever I needed to learn about MySQL (I wanted to implement some different counter codes and whatnot...maybe one day work toward a comment system on my artsite after it's up), and I was going to ask about that and PHPMyAdmin too. But...uh... guess I won't have to bother now. I really would have liked to know about this stuff but I'm fine with this new way if it's better. 0_0

I must sound like a total newb... Probably because as far as these things are concerned I am one.
And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?


Senshuu... you can do the same thing with SQLite. Actually, it's easier than with MySQL. PHP supports SQLite directly, and there's a lot of good documentation at


I've managed to fix everything within my site except the gallery itself which has errors pointing to the two lines below, and there's apparantly no upgrades for it.

copy("{$mainURL}img.php?dir=".rawurlencode($_GET['dir'])."&file=".rawurlencode($file), $fileT);       copy("{$mainURL}img.php?dir=".rawurlencode($_GET['dir'])."&w={$image_size}&file=".rawurlencode($file), $fileN);

I did speak to someone familiar with this stuff and he told me that the way to fix this kind of thing was to "enable 'fopen wrappers' in the PHP configuration"

Would there be a security risk in doing that?  I could always look for another image archival script, though it took me three months to find this current one which doesnt make use of MySQL or a ton of confusing files to operate.


Right, that's what I was talking about. "Fopen wrappers" is the method that PHP uses to enable what I was calling "URL File Acess" basically, it puts a wrapper around the file open method, allowing it to use URLs, instead of just files. It is a bit of a security risk, but really only at the user level. That is, to people that actually have scripts with such a function (like you!) It's not something I'd say is a system-wide security issue, so... I'll go ahead and reenable it. See if it works now.