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In Jahmmon's Head

Started by jahmmon, June 02, 2006, 05:24:56 AM

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Desired Username: jahmmon
Contact E-Mail: jamezdizon_112 @ yahoo . co . uk
Site Description:
In Jahmmon's head is a site where I plan to put my sprite comics, Ardrow the Black Hedgehog, Krowe the Purple Echidna, Bass the Immortal Warrior Swordsman and Last Refuge: Adventures of the Misfits. I will be working with my brother who knows 00b3r h@xx0rz HTML. My crew:
Me-Comics, Site design, Articles
My brother-HTML, Ideas


Where is the sample site? Are there more comics? I've noticed a high increase of comic applications, and I rarely see any go from start to finish without folding in the mean time. I'm in no means Xepher or a head cheese, but I just dont know about this one... especially since it involves copyrighted characters of s e g a.

I think the comic is cute, but I'm not too sure about the missing elements.
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The guy there is called "Ardrow, the Black Hedgehog of Death".
Um...Sorry, there isnt a sample site, since my bro just arrived from Singapore...


Okay, so he's got a different name. It's the same, copyrighted (albeit edited) sprite. And I'm sure you use more than a few of the original characters in the comic, though I can't be sure because there is NOTHING ELSE HERE. No sample site, no sample pages save for that one, you don't even have a description longer than two sentences! Did you even read the guidelines past the first paragraph?

If your brother is not available to do the site, then you should wait until he's ready so you can actually have some REAL content to show us.

Also, "00b3r h@xx0rs HTML" does not help your case at all.
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Yeah, not sure if you noticed, but your hedgehog is actually blue, not black. But, copyright infringement aside, you've got nothing to actually show.

P.S. -5 for "kekeke"