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Cool Science

Started by Xepher, May 05, 2006, 05:29:58 PM

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I figure I see all sorts of cool sciencey stuff online each day, and there should be a thread to share it.

First, start with some really internesting magnetic fluid demos. This is what I think nano-tech will look like. (Except the "fluid" will be doing it on it's own.)

Some fun stuff from Titan.

Finally, a picture to replace the famous "Blue Marble" from Apollo 17. Check out the rest of the image galleries there at visible earth as well. The city lights at night is fun too.


Wow, thats really cool... I didn't even know FERROHYDRODYNAMICS existed! One thing that I thought was odd was it wasn't symetrical at all.



I dunno if it's meaningful science, but it's interesting.  I saw it while I was reading the news today.
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:D that was awesome. The best use for some of the worst soda ever.
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