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Databits Presents - The SSH Secure Shell Client Guide

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I have to say: danke danke danke shon!

This was a much easier transition than I first thought and was able to upload my new site design with ease!

I suppose I'll need to work on getting a new one of these made, preferably with stuff like Smarty/WinSCP.

The old guide still exists in limbo somewhere, my bad since I move it. I'll fix that and get it back online.

Amazingly, I've had less issues lately with people confuzzled by SSH. Is the internet getting smarter? :-P

I'm not sure what there was to be confused about. I just clicked the SFTP option for my connection hookup in Filezilla and presto!

Yeah, considering that SFTP uses the SSH protocol in some cases, that's no surprise. The thing is that just normal FTP is plain flat out insecure. No matter what you do it seems people always find a way in... then again enforcing smart passwords on users is another measure that should be taken more often than it usually is.  ::)

Did you know one of the most common passwords in the world is "jesus"?


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