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Problems with logging on to the server via FTP

Started by ecru, July 09, 2006, 12:23:19 AM

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Alrrrigghhhttt, so I'm having some problems already.

I followed the instructions given in the e-mail, and I got down to the part where I'm supposed to log in via the address.  I went there, and when prompted to I entered my username and password.  The log-on message came up again saying one or the other was incorrect.  As a wild-shot, I entered my DB password.  Same thing happened (as expected that time).  So, next I made sure that five minutes had passed since I changed my password, and put in the first one again.

This time, it look like it had recognized it.  However, then the little "searching" gif with the flashlight and folder popped up, and after several seconds windows gave me and error message:

"FTP Folder Error

Windows cannot access this folder.  Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.

Details: The operation timed out"

Help, please??  Did I... hammer it or something with all those password changes and now it's booting me off or whatever?  I tried turning off my firewall too, just to see what that would do, but no luck.  Do I just wait, or... or what?!!?  Augughghghghgh sometimes I curse my website/internet illiteracy.

I am dreadfully confused.  Hopefully it is just some simple issue that I am being ignorant about.


...I am suddenly getting this horrible sinking feeling that my problem is I haven't downloaded an FTP client yet.  Is that it?

Except that I just read that Windows typically comes with one installed.  My computer is fairly new and I'm using XP, which makes it seem like it should be there.

Uggghhh.  I have never worked with FTP OR PHP before, so please go easy on me if I sound like an idiot.


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Also, databits made this real nifty guide here:

That's the thing I use, I'm sure it works relatively the same either way.......right? :

As a side note, FTP and PHP are two very different things...
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The built-in FTP in windows screws up a lot for people behind firewalls... that means most people these days. Unless you specifically configure it to work with passive FTP. Try SCP as mentioned above.


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You people are all absolutely amazing.  Tickyhead, thank you so much for providing the link to that tutorial by databits.  Everything seems to be working fine now, and it's way easier than I thought it would be.

Oh, and I know that FTP and PHP are different, but I noticed that the pages had to be in php format for the newsbox to work, and I have only worked in .html before, so... I was a little concerned that I would have to learn a ton of new information, but such is not the case it seems!

Thanks again for the super-speedy help you guys!