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Sketch Input

Started by dragyn, July 06, 2006, 10:45:44 PM

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Hey all, Dragyn here.

I made a sketch recently, and I'd like some input.  I already placed it in the "extras" part of my site, but there's no way of getting feedback there, so I'm putting it here, too, though I'm shrinking it more here than I am there.

The larger version is at if you want to look at it bigger.

Here's the shrunken version:

All input will be appreciated.

Oh, by the way--neither of these images is completely full size.  If you really want to see the massive, full-sized image, I could upload it.  Just ask.


Well, you're not doing too bad on anatomy. That is, you've got some sense of depth where muscles and tendons should actually go. You've got to work on perspective though. The car is at an entirely wrong angle, and the characters look like they're standing on invisible rocks or something. From the location of objects, it appears the ground should be more or less flat, but you've got the perspectives all wrong. Also, the taller character... what's up with the arms? It's like t-rex/midget forearms on massive biceps. The younger one looks pretty good for the most part, slight shrunken forearm for the one by his head. Fix that, and make his feet look like they're standing on the actual ground, and he'd be good to go.

Also, take a look at the tails. I see this from almost everyone doing furry art. They have tails starting right below the waistline or belt. That's off by quite a bit. Feel your own spine, follow it down to where it ends in your aptly named "tailbone" and realize just how far that is below your waist. Also note that, when standing, the bone is still going straight down. Now look at a dog. Unless they're holding their tail up high, the normal position is even LOWER than straight. Basically, just think about your character on four legs... and figure out where the tail attaches and at what angle.


Heh, that was quick, Xepher.

Anyway, the "taller one" looks weird mostly because I don't generally draw any character from the back.  Half the reason I drew him that way is because I need to work on that angle.

The car and the background are all right, but I put them all too low.  This happens anytime I draw the foreground and background at the same time, instead of finishing one part first.

And yeah, the feet never sitting level is something I've been working on.

Thanks for the input, it should help.


Hm... I like your style, but the lack of land beneath the car and charachters definently needs to change. Also guessing that the car belongs to the charachters in your picture the car looks too small for the charachters to actually fit in. You might want to change that. If you add color it might look better to ^_^...
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Quote from: CassiopeiaAlso guessing that the car belongs to the charachters in your picture the car looks too small for the charachters to actually fit in.
The car looks small because it's behind them a little in the distance.
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That, and I had to move it down to keep the picture's size within reason, so it was actually farther back originally.

Oh, yes, the car is the larger one's.  The littler one crashed it.   See?

The lack of ground is due mostly to the fact that I didn't color it.  I generally give the background and such it's depth and detail when (and if) I color it, so that's why it seems so weird.

Thanks for the input.

Any other observations?


Weel, first thing I like to look at in a picture is the eyes of the character that is shown. Your 'littler' character's eyes are not clearly defined: the pupil is not outlined and there are no shine-marks. Teh simple idea of the eye, to have the usually white area black, is very creative and I applaud that. And I have to admit that the emotions are very well portrayed. I will not reiterate what has been said, but you really should listen to that kind of critique. I've seen worse people, and you are well on your way to becoming something good, but there will always be better people. Just know that when you draw something and nothing major crosses your mind as horrible, I say a day's work has been done. Keep up the good work. ^^
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Sorry about the delay in saying anything...forgot about this part of the forum...


What do you mean there'll always be somebody better!  I will be the best!  Okay...really, I know that is untrue, as I don't -want- to be the best.  I like my mediocracy.

And yup...I read through everything everybody said, and I've been working on it.  The 'littler' character has been drawn an awful lot since then, and, as you suggested, his eyes have become more clearly defined.

And, uh...inverting the eyes there isn't completely original to this character.  And actually, his eyes aren't black and white, they're black and blue.  Not that that's really obvious in a black and white picture, though.

Ya' know what?  I think I'll wander off and sketch a color picture of him...

Okay, enough rambling from me.