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"a pessimistic sense of inadequacy" (CHALLENGE)

Started by fesworks, July 11, 2006, 09:43:01 PM

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Well I made two more comics.. part of a 3-4 part strip entitled "Icy Hot".... its all true too

In any case. I could stay here updating each time I do a portion. But as I had seen from that other post... It might become annoying, or just unheard, since I think people have said (the ones that were nice enough to comment) what they are going to say... I guess the "Challenge" part is out if noone else chimes in.

In any Case. I am updating my comic about every other day now (quick build up of content) and plan to do so until August 1st when I (hopefully) go on a 2 week camping trip. and then Mad rush a bunch of updates afterwards.

I have plenty of Ideas I am story boarding, and many of which I am skipping to do other ones. Like I stated before, this might be a sort of Mild humor or inside humor (for those with similar Experiences) But I like it and I am glad I am finally doing this. My drawing has been getting slightly more firm in how I am doing things, and certainly has room to improve naturally.

In any case what I'd really like is for Xepher to come in and give me a definite "no" or "yes", but mostly I want his comments. I'll not update this thread (if and probobly when a "no") like that other guy did (noone seemed to listen/respond) and then reapply in the fall or something with more content under my belt. In the time between I think I'll stick with (if they don't keep going offline) or buy 3 months of Geocities space.

I mostly don't want to wait 9 months for a Xepher reply i guess...

but I still welcome comments and critisism and suggestions, and I thank those who have already contributed.



Just recently altered the appearance of my website, added a little content in "about", readjusted some spacings, and added a new "psi" image. I personally think it looks better. If anyone cares to comment...

also, in case anyone wants to know HOW i do the comic:

I draw it with a nice #2 pencil on Xerox paper. I limit myself to half the page high for the height and the whole page long as the Length.

My format is presently 275x800... unless I go double, then its 550x800.

When I scan the image in: I cut out each panel seperately and resize the image to fit the panel and to allow whatever amount of space I want for text.... Using Irfan Viewer I change the Gamma to .35 from 1.00, and then sharpen the image.

Everything is Hand-drawn and/or cut-paste. I only insert the text on the computer, which i use MS-Paint.

This is a underdog way to do a webcomic, i'm sure, but hey, we all can't be photoshop experts. I grew up making MS-Paint art... art that included pixel by pixel editing to make smooth edges for pasting images over one another.... if I was raised with a Mac, things might be different.


Meh, might as well update with some links to show the last set that I just finished today:






I'm Home!
MuneRift - DeviantArt - Etsy


The fact of the matter that fesworks actually knows you CAN take a challenge is a good sign though. This means that he/she actually read at least some of the information before posting. Which is a big plus in my book. Most people who post an app completely ignore the whole "read before posting" thread it seems.
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True enough... That's why I haven't really said much on this one yet. I haven't had time to think of challenge questions, and so I've been letting some of ya'll flush out the details here.


Quote from: XepherTrue enough... That's why I haven't really said much on this one yet. I haven't had time to think of challenge questions, and so I've been letting some of ya'll flush out the details here.
haha, I was wondering when you were going to post :P I see you post in others around me and I'm all like "He's ignoring me! He must think this really sucks!" Which is why i made a post basically asking for closure :P

But hey, when you get questions, fire them off.

I'll be working on another comic set in the next day and/or two.


Ok, here is the next 3 comics I have done already (i'm trying to update entire sets of comics).

Originally planned as a 3-4 part set... It seems It is going to end up being a 6-7 part set.

I take a long to to set up a joke, and I end up stretching each part to fit a short (2 or 3 panel) or tall (4 panel) strip if the intended "mid-joke" won't end on the right panel.

In any case I make it work out, and end up getting more strips anyway.

Ok, here are the 3, and I have 3-4 more coming to hopefully conclude this "idea" (or perhaps running "joke")





Part 3 there was going to work as a quished 5 panel on a TALL strip, but I didn't want to squish it. So I am stretching it out to be a 2 and 4  (part 3 becomes Part 3 and 4).

I could easily squish the conversations into a single panel. But I don't like that in all situations. If Fes replies in the same panel as Ernst, the effect of the second panel would not be as good because you should be left thinking about what happened to Fes before you are shown/told. Also, it works best to put that out (Shown and told) in the same panel.

I guess I also like to stretch conversations out to one dialog per panel (in most cases) is to get the sense of going back and forth between the two. Each would have their own panel to express themselves with what they are saying, so the reader can get a better interpretation of HOW they are saying things. Plus Its better for inserting added silence between dialogs, so that one may be expressing thought into what was said and/or are going to say... and it may also give a little suspense what might happen next.

I don;t want too much progressing in one panel.


Ok, here we go, The final 3 parts:

Part 4 - 7.28

Part 5 - 7.29

Part 6 - 7.30


So there you have the thrilling conclusion to the "Brains" set. If anyone was reading the website I was entitling it "Because we all thought about this before", But for short I call it the "Brains" set. Actually, the last comic will be updated on the site later in the day if you don;t see it on the main page now.

Also, if anyone is into Nintendo. had their #19 podcast/radio show. I am in a guest spot at the end (at 30:25) called "Two Cents in Sixty Seconds" So if you want to here my stupid voice talk about a few Nintendo items posted last week on Nintendo, Check out and look for the Radio Show #19 ... a link is also on my main page at


Well, I am off to a camping trip for 1.5-2 weeks. The comic will be suspended until I come back, then I will be having Fes and Ernst going camping as well. I have some ideas already, but I'll have to limit them. Otherwise I can see the camping trip strips going for a whole month.... but that would not be a bad thing would it?

Also, for those interested, i'll have my spot on Infendo Radio again this Saturday. I already submitted to them the sound clip for the show.

In any case. Xepher, I hope you can come up with some questions to ask me... or at least some feedback about my comic.

Anyway, Thanks and ta ta for now!


Well I am back for a bit before I head off again. Leaving on Thursday with my brother for another few days. Anyway, as many have heard about Amber's mishap with syrup terrorist profiling, or something, with the Canadian Border Patrol.... I made a fan comic for her site... Hopefully it will get posted with the other submissions, but I'll post it here too.

This is more along the lines as what I have been planning for mock strips featuring other webcomics.

I also have an idea to do one slightly based on a Calvin & Hobbes strip... though The idea came first, i found it similar to a C&H strip, so I will decide to go all out parody asside from the last panel.

I have a few camping jokes I'm going to be using that I came up with... maybe not "jokes" per-say as most of my comics have been, but rather "little things" that I... or Fes rather.. find enjoyable, yet weird to others.

In the meantime... please if anyone has feedback, comments, or whatnot... Please respond... I feel like I might be talking to myself and noone is telling me to go away... I feel like I might be bothering people here. I mean if noone like my stuff, so be it. I'm doing it for me and those that will also "get" them. In any case, I am severely enjoying working on my webcomic. :D