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Reasons I have a job

Started by Databits, October 31, 2007, 04:56:26 AM

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See, as I stated, I'm a professional web developer, but apparently unlike many out there I have a concept of things like security. It's for reasons such as a few below that I actually have a job in the first place.

Warning: Some of this is sort tech-coder-geeky
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I may not understand much of that tech-coder-geeky stuff, I do know stupidity when I see it.

Also, that DoNothing thing was hilarious XD That had me giggling for three minutes straight.
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Okay, those are just so spectacular, the site earns it's domain name! Worse than failure indeed! :-P


Read through them, there are oh so many more. It's great!

In other news, my bank uses that software. >.>
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Quote from: Xepher on November 02, 2007, 03:04:58 PM
... the site earns it's domain name! Worse than failure indeed! :-P

It was even better as "The Daily WTF?".  They retconned it to "Worse Than Failure" when someone noticed the canonical expansion of WTF is NSFW.
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Those are great XD

QuoteIt was even better as "The Daily WTF?"

Daily eh? Looks like Data will have a job for quite some time  ;)