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Speech Bubble Media ads

Started by reinder, August 10, 2006, 10:30:13 AM

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Speech Bubble Media is a new advertising network for webcomics.'s Webmonkey Ash is involved in it, and I heard about it via TWCL. I signed up with them to find out more, and I've been impressed with the speed at which my application was approved. I also like the sound of what they're saying in their first newsletter:
QuoteWe’re now talking to advertisers about targeted exposure on webcomics. We have existing relationships with companies such as Apple, Sony, adidas, Warner Bros and Microsoft all of whom have recently bought digital advertising on animation sites.

We'd like to stress that we believe in the high value of your audience and we’re not looking to undersell your inventory.

We will be securing premium advertising from companies keen to target webcomic readers at CPM rates approaching $1+ net to Publishers.

That means Speechbubble won't be supplying ads for 'smileys' or seeking low cost bulk deals, but neither do we ask that you stop dealing with existing suppliers if you want to monetize every page impression in the short term.
If they can make this happen, then they'll be putting classy, if somewhat corporate, advertising that pays well (I'd only have to multiply my pageviews tenfold to make a living) targeted to webcomics on my site.

They haven't started publishing ads yet, but because of the above, I'd like to ask Xepher permission to run their ads on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.
Reinder Dijkhuis
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan | Waffle


Well, considering I can't actually see the ads yet, approval is conditional. For now though, I say go for it, and we'll see what it looks like. Sounds like it will work out just fine though. FYI, same approval goes for any other people here that want to try this ad service. Just remember, ad revenue counts the same as donations, meaning 25% goes to It's on the honor system, and approximate amounts are fine. Also, don't bother if it's gonna be just a buck or something in a month.


Conditional approval is reasonable enough. Thanks!
Reinder Dijkhuis
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan | Waffle