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Get out your flail...

Started by golden-crystals, July 28, 2006, 05:06:32 PM

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I would like for the good community of Xepher to critique my webcomic. I've been getting some feedback from various people, but no one that really runs a webcomic.

So, you guys, I ask for your help! Please say anything you will about paneling, speech bubbles, art, plot (or lack thereof) colors, anything! This is to help improve what I can on my comic and to help  me take critique like a man! I'm trying not to make this a pitch as I am a 'Look and tell me what's wrong!' or, you know, if I'm doing anything right? ^^; Thank you so much, really, I appreciate it.

The basic idea of my comic 'Golden Crystals' is a fantasy epic sort of comic. There's no intentional punchline at the end of each page. The plot-arch as of now is in the middle of the first, so things are a bit confusing, but that's kinda where I want it, but you tell me what you think of that.

please please Please give me whatever feedback you can! I really appreciate it!
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Golden Crystals - Your journey is before you.


I didn't have time to read it but I looked at your gallery and the colour is amazing! The shading has a hint of cell-cartoon look. Keep up that unique type, I don't see it that often.
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I read through it...I don't know what to say about the plot.  I couldn't really follow it.  If possible, you may consider spending more time on something before moving on.  You might have reasons for doing it this way, but your archive isn't long enough yet to tell.

The art is actually pretty good.  While it looks similar in style to some other places/things I've seen, it's not "just" another manga.

Well, there's my little critique.

Keep up the good work!


thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to check my comic out and reporting back!!
'In case of stupid, throw a brick'

Golden Crystals - Your journey is before you.