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Started by Confessions, August 16, 2006, 09:38:59 PM

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Confessions is all about the confessions of life, fantasies, faith, and much, much more.  Everyone needs a place to vent, rage, or just plain type up their thoughts, and this is how I put all of my ideas and thoughts into one simple little website.  I hope you enjoy it.  The website is consisting of my artworks, mini manga(maybe), stories, poems, and so on.  The majourity of this site is Christian-based, and will have a lot of works on what it is to be a Christian, who Jesus is, and other sections.

The main reason why I am creating a website like this is because nobody has done something quite like I am doing.  Most websites about information on Faith or Religion are dull and boring and only have, well, dull and boring information.  There is no creativity, and thus everything on the website passes through the minds of those reading it, and simply become words on a page.  I want to have those reading my work to grasp onto every word and savour it.



Hmmm.. definetly not something I'd be looking at myself.... I'm biased so I won't comment on the content really.

BUT I will give you my opinion on this: The text.

The text you have is Times New Roman (so it seems, or you picked a non-popular font that my browser does not have). It thin and smallness meshes with the background image too much. I would suggest a bolder font so that the text comes out more away from the background. Perhaps increase all texts by +1 web point might help.

Well, that's my thought anyway on design. Hopefully someone else will be able to comment on the site itself.


Hmm, you're right on the text.  I should find a nicer one and set it up.  Thanks for the comment! ^_^

EDIT:  Okay, how's that?


hmmm still looks the same to me....

though the poor quality of the image (fault of putfile) makes the text seem darker and thicker than it actually is (Just slightly), I didn't see a change... perhaps you are using an uncommon font?


Quote from: ConfessionsEveryone needs a place to vent, rage, or just plain type up their thoughts, and this is how I put all of my ideas and thoughts into one simple little website.
I'm wondering why you didn't choose a blog format....
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


@Fesworks: Well, I am using the Firefox browser.  Maybe it's just not showing up?  I'll see what I can do.

@Griever:  I don't like blog formats, and I have more than just blog-like things on my website.

EDIT:  Okay, I found out what's wrong.  I'm using common Windows fonts, but my browser, Firefox, isn't recognizing them.  I used IE to check, and the fonts show up.  I guess it depends on the browser you're using.  I'm still trying to get it working.