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Another Video from myself (Camping trip)

Started by fesworks, March 09, 2007, 04:42:51 PM

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I was going to put this on my website on next Wednesday, but to a few forums, i'm giving the link early

This is an incredibly abridged account of my 2006 camping trip... I basically picked as many highlights as I could, and a few of the hiking parts... but it's mostly me narrating it as though I was "blogging" my trip on tape. If I get enougt requests I'll make vids pertaining to just the scenery, but It would be boring since YouTube quality is horrible and scenery looks like a big mush of green.


Holy no facial hair.

You're quite possibly the first person I've met who's ever wanted to go outside after playing WoW. Anyway it looks like you had a great time. Was it a overnight thing?


With a bear attack it would have been a 9/10
If you spotted a unicorn it would have been an 11/10
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?



This was a 4 day trip.

And when I got home. I cancelled my WoW Account ;)


Was that Alkaline Trio playing for the bunny? Also, you fail at smores. :-)

Looking back, I wish I'd bought a good camera when I lived in colorado. There were so many cool places I went and stuff I saw that I never got any pictures of. I borrowed a camera from my parents for a couple trips, and I got some good pictures from those though. I've linked these before, but... Camping is cool!

A good still camera is just so awesome. Check out some of the full-views on the squirrels/chipmunks in the Rocky Mountain album. I can't wait to afford a good digital SLR.


those are pretty sweet!

I have some pitures too.. I'll try to get those uploaded... I think I can get the ones I took on my cell phone up (kinda crappy, but at least its something.


Here are the crummy cell phone ones... I gotta try and find my good ones.


...curse both of you guys for being so handsome!!!! =P
I'm Home!
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Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Yea, the fire was awesome! fully stocked with wood and a nice breeze from the river.


Mune: "Awww... shucks."

Fes: Yeah, looks like awesome scenery in the thumbnails and then I click and "ugh... cameraphone." I hate having awesome stuff ruined by a lame camera. Like this one of a monkey from japan. Monkey's not 10 feet out the window, and the camera refuses to focus on anything but the glass, and has no manual setting.

Oh, yeah, japan pictures from years ago too... All of 'em taken with a super-cheap 35mm camera but scanned with a really good negative scanner. You get better resolution of the film grain than the film gets of a lot of the scenery.


Better resolution? Took me a couple minutes to load one picure! geez.


Yeah, like I said, it was a GOOD negative scanner. That wasn't even full resolution that the scanner could do, but I figured once film grain was more than a couple pixels, it was kinda pointless to go higher. 3 dollar film, and a 3,000 dollar scanner. I only had access to it because it was at my college. :-)