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Side Projects and Rules Questions

Started by fesworks, October 21, 2006, 03:47:39 AM

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Ok, I tried looking for info on Side Projects... but Didn't find much, or did a piss poor job of searching...

But my Question is this: What If we would like to run a couple side Projects on our account? Like, say, another webcomic we are working on? Or even if one comic is retired and a new one is born in it's place? (i'm not quitting my current webcomic, but it seemed like a good question too).

My other question is about the rules.

Rules 3 and 9 are talk of violence and porn... what about a comic that may contain sexual discussions (perhaps even detailed) from time to time, or, say, innuenduous (sp? word?) suggestions that "the nasty" had occured? Or even "covered" sex by say a blanket or from a wall... purly asking as a simple story subtext that may pop up, but not the driving point of the comic itself? Like a reference that it has happened or is happening?

As far as the Violence, perhaps I'm reading too much into rule 9, but What about a comic that would be rated Web MA for violent content pertaining to story development? Like a crook shooting a hostage, context sensitive without motive of  race hate or such, just part of the story.

I have ideas for two side projects, and they may include some of both examples. Neither case would be the main part of either project... Except story driven violence for one of them.

I hope I conveyed, what the heck I'm talking about, properly.

I'm not even sure if either projects will get off the ground just yet, but I wanted to ask anyway. If you need a better explanation, just let me know.


First off, I think most of this is covered by this post.

I think your topics of violence and porn are answered there, but the question of side projects may not be covered clearly, although the last topic there sorta hits on it. Basically, you can do whatever you want on the side, as long as it doesn't break any other rules. If you get in for a comic, you can keep your blog and personal photos there as well, etc... just keep the main site viable/current according to what it was accepted for. It is acceptable to "quit" one comic and move to another, though I would generally like to be notified of major changes like that.

Hope that clears things up for you. If it doesn't, let me know what specific things you'd like explained, and I'd be happy to clarify.


Of man, how could have I missed that. Now that I see the thread, I remember seeing from this summer :P

Yes, that does clarfiy everything I needed to know, thanks much!