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Started by projection_theory, November 17, 2006, 04:25:42 PM

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Name: Project Overlord


Well I designed a website for my music and recent news for people. It's not a big website, only 3 pages or 2.  
Here's the homepage from a screen shot this will be were you enter to get in.

This is actually the homepage. not too fancy.

And this is the music page. I couldn't get the whole screen which bites, but here the idea of it.

Now samples of my music. This is what my music sounds like pretty much, I use FL Studio and just started not to long ago so i'm progressing well on how to use the system.

Thanks for your time


I'm in the middle of a move (it was under announced in another thread here) and am currently living on someone else's couch at the moment. I'll get to things when I have time.


You need to stop posting blank posts and be patient. Xeph is only human after all. :P If you looked around you'd notice that the application process takes at least a month 90% of the time. If you're so desperate for a quick webspace fix then find a temporary home like atspace or freewebs or something, but if you can be patient then is worth the wait. (in fact, getting a temporary site up is a preferred method of applying)

Also, a few things about your application.....number one your name can't have spaces or capital letters, as it'll be your URL here. ( for instance) Don't worry though, lots of people get that confused.
Second, the screencap thing is....well, it's a lot better than most people apply with, but having an actual webpage that people can go to (even if it's just geocities or the like) is preferred, just so everyone can see that the page(s) actually work. As for the content....well, three songs isn't a lot to go on, (and I only got to listen to two before myspace crapped out on me) but so far it's not bad. Sometimes you seemed to add elements that didn't go with the rest of the piece, but it happens.

So, hope that tides you over until Xeph has time to review the new batch of applications. :)
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