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Automatic File Uploading/Displaying?

Started by fesworks, May 20, 2007, 07:16:06 AM

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I think someone mentioned a method once, but I'm not sure where it is.

Like how Comic Genesis has comics updated Automatically... is there anything or way we can do something similar on Xepher?

I heard of a crude menthod that people could use still figure out the file name and "look a head:, but I'm willing to look into that anyway.


Most comic update scripts handle that sort of thing. Check out and ATP Autosite


Thanks :) I know I asked once before But I could not find the thread for some reason :/


you know how our FTP takes up to a certain area, and then we click on the "public_html" (or whatever) directory?

well (i think), in that first area, it says to put a certain PHP file there for the uploader... also, going furthar and looking at the .htaccess file infor for passwording... they also say to put that file in that first area as well.

I thought the server deleted extra files in that area?

If so, I'm just supposed to put those files into the "public" directory?

(I'll probably make a new thread for .htaccess stuff once I dip into that again for a 2nd, better try.)


First off, the server doesn't delete ANYTHING unless you tell it to. As for where to put files: I'm not sure what you mean by "up to a certain area." FTP clients choose what path they want to start at, so it's up to your client what that first folder actually is. As a general idea though, most start in your home directory... /home/username/ (which is also aliased as ~) The root of your website is the public_html folder. That would be known as /home/username/public_html/ or simply ~/public_html/ .htaccess files are per-directory config files for the webserver only. While the server will read those as it walks the directory tree on the way to public_html, it makes no sense to put them outside of the website hierarchy like that. As for php files there, it is possible they'd run, but only if some rewrite rule redirected a request back outside of the normal hierarchy. Keep in mind that not every server is setup like this one, so those instructions may be intended for some different folder layout. Or they could be doing something really weird that doesn't occur to me. Bottom line: Just try it, you can always delete stuff if it doesn't work.