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SM Inbox Error

Started by skypilota72, November 14, 2006, 06:40:05 PM

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One of my clients inbox gets the error, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" when she accesses her inbox via IE.

Her Drafts, Sent, and Trash connect and show files without problems.  I have again advised her that she cannot have 6,559 emails which I am pretty sure is the problem.

Can you advise how I may fix this without wiping clean all of her emails she has in the inbox?


First off, what's the user account here? I can't really look at things from this end unless I know that. Also, what's actually happening? IE's default "cannot display" error message doesn't really tell me much. Do you know if it's timing out, or if it's getting invalid/corrupted data, or maybe it can't resolve a DNS entry or something? For now, try accessing email via IMAP and then clean out some junk. IE may be timing out waiting for the server to process all those messages.

name: dotty
password (has been temporarily set): dottydot

As you can see, the PHP box shows up after a long delay, but instead of the window that shows messages, it gives the IE error. The other boxes can be read, just not the inbox. This is not an IMAP, but just an IE logon.


I am afraid you're at the wrong site. This is, a free hosting provider for many art, comic, and other creative sites. However, "" is in no way related to or hosted by and I have no control over either the email or website there. You should seek out the admin(s) of that site for help.