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six view skateboards

Started by sixview, December 17, 2006, 02:39:05 AM

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well here's the infomation for a website.

name: sixviewskateboards

Well I got a layout of the website that I want to use. The address is
The website is basicly a skateboarding website where I can post team news and photography from the team. The site is still development I know, but i'll change that.
Pages that will be included:
Team Page
I hope this is good enough.
myspace (on the website too)


I'm not sure your site fits the purpose/intent of what I'm looking for. is intended to host creative content. By that, I mean the creative output of artistic skills, such as writing, music, comics, art, or other such creations. While I've nothing against skateboarding, it's just not the purpose of XN to host team/club/clan sites. Sorry!


Well didn't hurt to try, thanks anyway.