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Started by fesworks, January 04, 2007, 03:02:27 PM

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Hello, I have mentioned in another post that I have started a collab project with the author of the Ardra webcomic. I am the new artist and webmaster. I know I already have an account here, but this application is Jason and myself for just the Ardra webcomic (so we can share the account without me having to split traffic and my password on my account). So here we go:

Desired Username: ardra

E-Mail: fesworks-gmail & jdunstan74-yahoo


As I stated, this application is for a webcomic called Ardra (Ardra: Experiment 2.0 if you want to be specific). Ardra is written by Jason Dunstan. About the first 30 strips were drawn by Jason himself. Then until strip 47, they were drawn by Trevor Adams, formor artist to 'Least I Could Do' (and as long since disappeared since October 2006). There are a few other guest artists as well, most of which were written by Jason as well.

The comic is currently hosted at . Which, to the best of the previous artist's abilities in programming, tried to mask the forced ads. We are looking for new hosted when we relaunch the site and comic in February (abouts). There is an "Ardchive" of about 50 strips, and has a good fan-base (and ranks fairly well in comic listing sites).

As far as the website's layout, I will be reworking all of the images, and a bit of the design of the site as well. As shown by my own website here, I certainly am capable of page work without a template. Comic contents should fit quite within content standards for

Why Xepher? Well, Jason's experience has been with Angelfire and Stormpages... not really the best of free sites, especially when it comes to ads. There was consideration of the main comic hosting sites, but neither of us have ever worked with them too much. The more we can avoid having forced ads, the better. Besides, Xepher is a very cool place to be hosted, with a bunch of cool people.

Hmmm, I think I have a complete application there. Jason should be along at some point to chime in on the post as well. If you'd like I can post a sample page of what I am working on for the site redeign (still being worked on), but the entire site and it's content can be viewed at the following link:

Thanks for your consideration and bring on the questioning :P


Well, the I can't even find the site "" in DNS. But no need. I've seen your art and that you keep trying, so you get a pass on the nepotism clause! :-P

You should have an email with your temp password, and I think you know the rest of the drill.


wow! Thank you very much, Xeph!


Yeah, the email is probably just NOW showing up... My script for creating accounts borked on creating a mailbox for some reason. I've improved the script to deal with it.


actually, I did get the e-mail before I posted here.


Heh... it's been so long since I wrote some of this code, I actually forget what order it does things in. It has a web interface in PHP, with python backend components. I forget the email is sent from the PHP, and it was the backend creation script that crashed. Anyway, if something doesn't work, mea culpa, and just let me know.


well, the site was not posting right last night, but it seems everything is fine today... had to re-upload all the files I uploaded last night though (wasn't that much though). I was gonna say something last night, but I figured the system was still thinking and working and such, so I decided to wait, so it looks like it's all good now.