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Heart, Mind, & Soul

Started by ren_pii, December 20, 2006, 07:53:03 AM

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First of all thanks to both of you for helping out with this.
I only hope to host HMS on, but the input you both gave me helped.

Btw Fes, I'm not offended either... I mean I did ask what you what you'd do if you wanted to fix it anyway... and you seem to have a better knowledge of the site-making world so your explanation was really helpful... gave me a few ideas. Plus, it seems like you spent a lot of time typing that all up (probably the longest post that anyone's ever given me)... so I'm glad you took the time and effort to help me out here.

I understand what you said about having splash pages... I mean they are pretty pointless since it's just for entering the site. More links to click I suppose. I think I did plan on adding more to that page... such as links and fanlistings (as pigeon-wing suggested) but most likely I forgot about it... which I do a lot... ekk...

Yes... the layout is pretty small. hehe. I'm used to making small layouts cuz I find them cute and my screen is 1024x768... but then I guess people with bigger monitors find that annoying... oh well. But yeah... I do plan to the layout... make it bigger... once I figure out how I want to format my site. Most likely I'll drop the iframes and php it all. So whether I get hosted here or not... I do plan to fix the site. (Just not now... gotta concentrate on graduating high school)

Now for Educen... the lastest page thing sounds like a good idea (however... I'll probably be too lazy if I have to make another link/thumbnail of the new page on the main site... for me... it's redundant)... And for the "manga/novel" arrangement.. like I said before, I wanted to try out all the hosts and I felt it was a waste to just not use the other accounts. But I agree... Comicdish is probably the best host. For that... I'll probably just directly link that mirror to my main site... but on the CD layout I'll add the other mirror links somewhere as well. (Cuz yeah... I just don't want to waste the other accounts... I feel guilty... even if it is like spamming... but hey, there are plenty of artists who post copies of their art on different online galleries so I mean... what does it matter if I do the same? But then again... maybe I shouldn't try to be like those other artists... oh well.... ;_;) I can understand how people could just "bookmark" the site but not take a look at it... but I mean... if they're too lazy to read it... they're too lazy. I can't do anything about it. If I like something and I know I'm going to like it, I'll bookmark and read it anyway. That's the trouble with people today... they always create new things to be lazier. (I just wanted to rant about that anyway... because I can't stand lazy people who are lazier than me.) =_=;;

As for the novel part... that's my friend's mini site pretty much... and I didn't want to use up my host's space just for her chapters (and expect a LOTTA chapters). Plus she DID post them on her FictionPress account... so I mean... it's her choice. Redundant... but that's what she chose to do, and I'm fine with it. We're a team anyway... so I can't take all the credit/responsiblity for it all. So for the novel site... I'll go with what you said and link it directly to the novel site, putting the fictionpress link on the top as an option.

And for the templete of the manga site... ehh... I don't wanna change it (I find it'll take so much time)... my main site was originally all grey anyway... so it did match. >_> The support banners... I shall have to do SOMETHING about them... cuz yeah.. they make the "ugly grey site" look uglier. But I'll go with what you said for the head banner. The fact that you said it looked like an ad made me laugh... then sad cuz I feel disappointed with myself.

Meh, you're not a complete asshole. You were just critique-ing me on what you thought would make it better. I'm not much of a critic anyway, I mean... I think whatever people choose to do with their art or site or whatever is just the way they wanted it. So... to me... I just respect what they do. I never encourage people to "enhance their potential" if you know what I mean. Plus... I actually do find it mean when critique-ing. I can't do it. For you to be able to, wow... it's good you want to help people anyway. <- something I also can't do...

Oh btw, pigeon-wing, I just realized your quote in your sig is from that hannibal movie... "Silence of the Lambs" I think? Interesting movie... I never saw "Hannibal", but I did see "Red Dragon" too. (Must somehow watch the 4th movie even if people say it sucks...)


Hey, it's all good ;)

Like I said, take what you will, leave what you won't ;)

I'm glad I could be of some help/insight in any case :D


Yes... you're like my guru... sensei... haha.
Teach me the ways of the webmastah.

Ah... thank God it's spring break... T_T


I don;t claim to be an authority on the subject. I just have my thoughts and ideas. ;)


The day Fes claims to be an expert is a day to run and hide.

*runs and hides*


Quote from: dragynThe day Fes claims to be an expert is a day to run and hide.

*runs and hides*
*Throws e-mails at Dragyn.*

I sent one before you made this post, and one after you made it.


So what, exactly is it you're wanting to host here? HMS is just your portal site that links other places... such as your art (on deviant art) or to your comic, both of which are staying where they are, right? If so, what content are you actually going to host here?


@ Fes:  That would be in Gmail, huh?  I'll look when I get home has all email blocked except my one, and there's nothing in there.


Yea, I sent you 3 gmail e-mails from my gmail account :/

Check your SPAM folder.... or add "" to your gmail list and I'll send them again.


@xepher: Well... I just want to have a place to host my artwork (without host the art on photobucket or link off to DA). Pretty much just an online gallery with my art, short stories, poetry, (maybe photography?) and then some personal stuff like my profile. I want to have my own site for my art basically cuz I'm trying to get into art school, so if the peeps at the campus want to see more of my artwork, it'd be great to have a site for them to take a look at.

And I only want to get HMS (personal art site) hosted here, not my manga. (That's just a whole other site)
So... does that answer your question? Kinda?

I've been thinking about how I should format the HMS site... but... I don't have any leads. I was thinking the layout and such would be like Educen... but at the same time... I want something different. *goes to corner to ponder a bit*


Well, it didn't seem like an art site, because the art was all just links to DA. Is that something you plan to do differently if you got a site here?


I think that's what they just said, Xeph...though as always, I'm probably wrong.

@Fes:  I couldn't get on at home, as my IP was out.  I'll see about trying again today.


I'm PM you but this board doesn't have a PM system :P I'm going to e-mail you here at your xepher account.


Yes, I plan to do it differently whether I get hosted here or not.


Right, just so we're clear, you plan to put all your art actually ON your site here, yes?

(Sorry if this sounds pedantic, but I've had so much trouble on semantics like this in the past.)