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Started by Xepher, January 02, 2007, 11:26:47 PM

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The referring site thing is because I probably haven't put all your domains into the config as "local" domains. Thus, it sees EVERYTHING from your site as a referral. The hentai thing actually tracked to a "not hentai" page on several sites. The random character searches are virus/botnet things. Many viruses will put some random code like that into pages on machines they've infected, then the hacker giving instructions can easily use google to find how wide his infection as spread, and more easily direct his instructions to the compromised machines.


Always a learning experience at ;)


With the new server, is there a way to view our stats?


I've got all the infrastructure in place to do it, I just never put in a link/button on the control panel to let you generate them yourself. Hmm... lemme rig a temp fix here.


Okay, for now I setup a temporary way to do it. If you log in via SSH, run the command "generate-web-statistics" and it'll run things and put it on your site as /webstats/ That is, It's not a very smart script, so make sure you don't have something else in public_html/webstats/ already, or it may overwrite the index file there.



Pardon me, but is there any reason why my stats are only showing March the first through March the third?


Oops... default file permissions don't let anyone but the owner read a file. When you run the analysis, it can't read the newer log files that got created under that restriction. I just added a line to my main stat generator that will change the permissions on the log files each night (as new ones get generated) so it should work better now. Keep in mind, each DAY of uncompressed logs takes about 150MB, so I tend to compress them and store them at the end of each month. That means when you generate statistics, it'll usually start at the first day of the current month... sometimes I'm late and you'll see the previous month as well though. Either way though, you should still get results up until at least the day prior to when you run it. Also note that the server runs on the UTC timezone, so times/hours in the stats are shifted about 1/4 day for north american users.


Congrats on the crazy amounts of traffic! A new server sounds exciting. 8D