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So I was watching Cars the other day...

Started by Gwyn, January 11, 2007, 10:49:29 PM

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The whole world is just cars, car insects, car characters, frig even the mountains where in the shapes of cars, anyway I was wondering how that world came to be.

Do you think there was a Car Jesus? Or cavecars? Car dinosaurs? What's the lifespan of your average car? How do cars reproduce (car stork anyone)? Is there a car factory somewhere where cars make other cars? Do we have like teenage cars working at fast food joints (but for cars obviously)? Are there car psychedelic drugs? Is there rehab for the cars addicted for these drugs?

So many questions left unanswered, thank you Pixar, THANK YOU.
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I try hard not to think too deeply about a lot of cartoon scenarios, because most of the time, if you take things out to their logical conclusion, it just gets creepy and wrong. For example, The Lion King... so the lions talk, fine. But so do the pigs and meerkats it seems, as do the other herbivores. So... in that world, talking sentient creatures eat other talking, sentient creatures. The film's creators did a good job avoiding that issue. Despite being a lion, we never once see simba hunting anything more than Zazu (for practice) and some bugs. Compare that with any nature program EVER about lions. They do two things, sleep, and kill things. Yet the Lion King avoids showing more than 30 seconds of either. And what about Bambi... the deer talk, the rabbits talk, the skunks talk. So surely the predators must talk as well, but now we're back to talking things eating other talking things... which is just wrong.

Cars is almost worse in many ways. For example, the main car... his headlights are just stickers, right? Isn't that about the same thing as being born without eyes? He had no side mirrors either. And they show that the cars obviously feel pain, yet have replaceable parts. Would blowing a cylinder be the same as having a stroke? What if you replace an engine... is the car a new personality/entity with a new brain like that?

Of course, some of your questions are easy to answer. Lifespan of a car is the same as a real car, it depends a lot on maintenance. Cars DO make each other in factories... that only stands to reason since they repair each other and cars (or rather other vehicles) are the pit crews. Of course there are car drugs... remember the hippie van? And rehab would be a full fluid flush/refill (detox.) As for car jesus... The Michelin Man (who descends from a blimp.) Cavecars... well, maynard was close. And Car dinosaurs... a model-t. :-)

The one movie I've seen recently that actually faced such issues, rather than dodging them, was Happy Feet. The penguins talk and dance of course, but in any other movie, that would just be somehow separate from our human/real world. Happy Feet actually made that the central issue though. What if HUMANS saw penguins dancing... realized it denotes intelligence... Now we've got a situation very much like first contact with an alien race. It was great to see a movie finally DO that, and not just dodge the issue.


Happy feet was the bomb.

You know I wasn't actually serious with my questions, I was just thinking it over along the same lines as you, it's just one of those things you have to ignore. My friends and I where just talking about it while the movie was on, I just thought it was funny.

Headlights are totally boobs, remember when the twins flashed him after the first race? So he was apparently born without nipples, not eyes.
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rediculing such movies is fun. while entertaining, it's also incredibly impossible. Then we just have to wait for the car on car cartoon porn that will no doubted be created somewhere... if not already out there....


Maybe they just get their kids delivered in a box to be assembled, like in Robots.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Warping kid's minds are just the thing to let them know how the real world works hey?

I've had kids ask me if the dinosaur for Disney's "Dinosaur" could have really talked. I had to tell him that they wouldn't have or at least not our language. And he asked "Then which other language - spanish or french?"
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