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how to deal...

Started by ren_pii, January 23, 2007, 06:44:21 AM

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with those oh-so-bitchy-friends. YESH! I am bringing my problems to the forum and am complaining about it. I need a place to rant a little. Sorry dudes. O_O It's one of those teenage girl problem things.

So yeah... what would you do... if you had to deal with an uncooporative "friend" and even if you wanted to stop being this person's friend... you couldn't cuz they happen to have the same friends as you so you'll have to deal with that person anyway.

Anyway.. what I REALLY wanna do is break this person's legs and torture her until she stops being the slut she is. Unfortunately for me, girl world happens to be a little different then psychopath world. Ohh... ;_;

For guys... I heard if they don't like a certain dude... they'd just shun(sp? oh well) him from the rest of the group.

So yeah... feel free to share any stories or opinions with me. Just don't think I'm the bitch because... I DESERVE A TIME AND PLACE TO RANT! AHH!!!! >__<


My solution is usually to tell people why and how they're being stupid, as well as give them suggestions for improvement. It doesn't always help of course, but it helps me.

Remember:  Unexpressed feelings don't die.  They are buried alive and emerge later as Border Collies.  So don't hold anything back! Tell everyone what you REALLY think of them!  You may lose your job, family and friends, but you won't have a crazed, hyperactive animal hounding your every step.


...but those are so much fun Xeph... you should try being an animal sometime. ;)

Ren, I've been in a situation like this before. I understand what it is to not want to taint the whole group by snuffing out one who's being less than you'd like them to be. What I did was briefly tell the person what I didn't like that they were doing, in this case it seems like she's sleeping around and leaving herself open to getting some pretty nasty diseases..?

IF they don't shape up, that's when I continue to be friends with everyone else, but slowly fade that person from the group. If someone brings her up, find a way to change the subject. If you're challenged over your feelings than admit that "yes, I don't like what xyz is doing because she's hurting herself in these ways: a)______ b)_______ c)________. I've tried telling her how worried I was, and what could happen if she didn't stop and she's not interested in listening to me; so at this point I'm not really interested in her. She's got to meet me half way." If your friends can't respect that, you may need to take a re-eval on who your friends really are.
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I just tell people how i feel whenever I'm feeling it. yep. I only have a couple of friends :p.

What's the whole problem? if you don't mind saying.
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The problem is that she's being a problem to herself and other people. She's being so conceited... and tries to be someone she's not. She's like a freakin' poser. I just came back to school after being away for so long (I was sick... but yeah long story) and well... when I really needed her help, she wouldn't give it to me. Maybe I'm just being selfish, but usually my real friends help me when I want and need it. I don't know how she's treating my other friends, but to me, she kinda looks down on me as if she's better than me. She told other people something stupid like... "she probably won't get a date" Blah... I'm don't really care about that stuff anyway... I just hate it when she ditches her friends when there's someone more "popular" is around and only comes back when she has no one. Oh... plus she's a slut that meets guys on the internet. *ahem* VERY smart.

Even if you DO tell her she's being a bitch to her face... she really doesn't change. She doesn't take it into consideration. But I have to be nice to her anyway cuz my friend, Sphynx needs a place to stay for the rest of the year, and I need a place to raid when I feel like escaping from home. I can't to go Sphynx's place cuz she doesn't have one. ;_;

Yesh... being an animal is VERY fun. ;)


.... but I LIKE border collies!
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Well that's just girls in high school for you.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Quote from: ren_piiYesh... being an animal is VERY fun. ;)
...which animal?
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Quote from: GwynWell that's just girls in high school for you.
*sigh* probably. >_<
I guess I should just ignore her then... even if she's a @#$%.

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Sometimes, we have to be friends with people we normally wouldn't be friends with.  What do you value more - telling her she's a bitch, even though it won't do you any good, or having a place to crash at when you need to get away from home?  That'll be your answer on how to deal with this person.
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For the benefit of myself, it's better. But for her... if she continues to act this way, she'll end up alone.
Oh well... I guess she's gotten plenty of warnings.

I remember one time she made me do something I didn't want to do... and after I did it, I kicked her in the shin which left her a bruise. She was good to me for the whole year after that. But that was long ago... when I was still a kid. Literally. Ok... pre-teen... well... more like grade 8er... >_> Anyway...