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Website... deleted? (T35 free hosting issues)

Started by Paige Forsyth, September 27, 2008, 10:34:10 AM

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Paige Forsyth

Hey all!
My teams webcomic has been up for a while now on and up until now they've been a reliable service. Their servers get kinda slow now and then but not often enough to complain about.

Althrough this morning my writer and assitant artist went to the site to add to our code only to find that it had 404'd... upon further inspection the entire site had 404'd. All our pages gone without warning.

The reasons given were; "1) The site in question was violating our TOS and was removed. (2) You might have misspelled the url of the page you were trying to get to. (3) The webmaster of the site might have made an error in their code."

Now (2) is out of the question as I know that's the right address, we've been using it for about two months now. (3) it can't be either as the site worked when I updated it last night. So that leaves (1)... which would mean that our site was removed without warning for some kinda of policy violation. I've been toiling about it for about thirty minutes and I can't find any violations.

Anyone have any ideas or advice? Has anyone ever hosted with T35 before? Much appretiated!


Ask your host why?  They have a support forum.
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Paige Forsyth

Got around to it. Was waiting for a reply and as it turns out their free hosting server is shot at the moment >_<;

Guess now we just gotta wait it out.


No idea on this one, but that sort of thing happens quite frequently to a lot of no-name free hosts.

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