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New Server Coming Soon

Started by Xepher, February 23, 2007, 01:57:29 AM

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I was able to invert the appearance of the overlays (so the logo and arrows were always up and disappeared when you mouse over) in both boxes with some random mouse movement.  Turns out you can swap them back and forth if you mouse into the box during the transition.  I was able to do this in both FF and IE 6.

I like the looks, they're nice and smooth.  Though it looks like IE 6 doesn't like the transparency on the arrows


Well, the transparency on the arrows is only the absolute edges where it's anti-aliased. You see how bad it looks while they're fading? Well, my only other option is to make it look that bad all the time, or to not fade the arrows at all. As for how you managed to invert the actions... yeah, I actually found that out myself a few hours ago. I've corrected it on the server, but I won't be updating the demo for now... which brings me to my next post. (Which is TOTALLY back on topic!)


The new server (Arclight) has shipped! Whooo!!! I dropped it off at UPS a few minutes ago, and it's scheduled to arrive on Thursday. That means it'll probably go online the next day, and I'll make the transition sometime over the weekend, probably late at night (late in the U.S. anyway.) While I'm going to take every precaution possible with all the data, I'd still advise you all to keep your own backup of your stuff, on the super-remote chance something goes wrong. Backup both your files, and your email (if you use IMAP) and remember that the new server is going to be SCP/SFTP only, no more FTP. It'll also be IMAP or webmail only, no more pop3.

If all goes well, 99% of you will never notice the actual switchover. I'm hoping to keep it down to a couple hours of downtime, but that all depends on how fast the machines can transfer data back and forth. The old server has to dump the database of every user, and then all files have to be transfered, where email and the databases will be reintegrated into the new system. Only 30 people or so have email to migrate, which I have to do by hand, and that's going to take me the longest. The plain ol' files should be pretty quick and scriptable. Like I said though, I'll probably do this in the early morning hours, like 3AM (0900 UTC.)


Looks great xepher. You are the Man  :)
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New server has arrived and is online. I'm waiting on IP allocations for the VMs before I can really do anything with it though, which they say takes up to 48 hours. At least it arrived in one piece though.