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Hidden Disguises

Started by Witchiebunny, February 23, 2007, 02:15:15 AM

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Username I hope to recieve: witchiebunny

e-mail: witchiebunny00 AT aol DOT com.

Description:  Hidden Disguises is a comic about Wryn, the main character and her life. She starts out her life as a maidservant to the Prince Twynador, and is happy in her life. Once Twynador's vindictive and jealous betrothed, Princess Diamond enters the scene however Wryn finds her life turned upside down as she is forced to leave the only home she's ever known. Now she's out in a wide world she knows little to nothing about, and must learn to get along. There are other life lessons she has to learn, namely that everyone is wearing a disguise, even when they themselves do not know it. The trick is learning to see what is underneath.

This is a story I've been working on for the last nine years, and it has been a webcomic for the last two, going on three.

The url for the comic is, conviently enough

I do believe that is it.


y'know, I THOUGHT that the character for your contact button looked familiar:

well it certainly looks like you have plenty of work behind you, and don't look like you will be quitting any time soon, so I think this looks like a pretty solid Application!


Mab surprised the heck outta me with that, too! Yes, that's me doing the cameo thing. :)


hello Witchiebunny
your comic sounds interesting, may i ask why do you want a site here if you already have a adsfree and a just your name .com url? its just curiosity.


The site was not ads-free until perhaps the last couple of days (I do not know why the ads were removed).  The owner of the server my site is currently on and the server itself have begun to prove unreliable, and so I am looking for more reliable hosting.

Edited to add:

The ads are back on the bottom of the page now.


In addition to what fesworks said, I think it's neat to see the changes from the first chapter to the reflects dedication, IMHO.  Your site is nice, but the mystery meat navigation is just one thing I cringe at.  I love the animals, but some text underneath them might clear things up.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


When I first implemented the buttons, that was said to me, and so I included the text of what they were directly *above* the buttons, in the order they appear.

Any suggestions on how to make it clearer what button leads where?


edit the images themselves and add the text to the under the characters within the images.

That's just my idea :)



That can work for the e-mail... but this is what I was actually thinking of:


Ooooh! Mind if I use those??


Go right ahead ;) :D

The font is "You Are What You Eat"... with added Photoshop effects... I got the font from or something...


Ah, thank you! I was going to ask about the font! *traipses off to grab that one*


Well, Xepher could easily be busy with something, like work and life at the moment. But he'll reply when he gets the chance. Just hold on to your britches. :P Personally I see a solid application.

Also, Witchiebunny, for the images you are now using, you have to re adjust the height to 220 pixels (or don't specify a height), because they are now squished on your page ;) You'll need to change the code of the page where they are. :P

BTW, I Love the Purple Bunny!


Okay, you're in. You should have an email with instructions. Everyone seems to like it, and DMFA recomendations count a bit. :-)

I assume you'll want to move the domain name here as well, once you get settled in. You need to set your nameservers for the domain to and and then email me with your domain name (and username) to let me link your domainname to your account here.