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Poetry Journal

Started by ren_pii, March 11, 2007, 05:49:40 AM

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These are just a bunch of poem I made for my poetry journal in English. The teacher gave me 11/10 for all... wierd. He might have just added an extra mark by accident... but I'm not gonna ask him about it just in case he changes it.



He noticed, watched and studied her
He had for a long time.
But this girl no more than average,
never knew of his spying eyes.
No, she could not even see him...
that ghost who knew her better than words.
A phantom who lurked in the shadows;
She never knew of his stalking ways.
Even in the afterlife,
he did not want to move on to heaven
because staying by her was all he wanted... and needed.
Then this girl who forgot all about him
grew up, got married, and had children.
But patiently waiting... he stayed by her,
through all the hardships of her life.
She aged more and more while he stayed in his childish form,
and the moment she was about to close her eyes in eternal rest,
Her cold, trembling hands reached out to him and she said,
"I'll finally get to see you, my only true love"


Another late night...
the ceiling calls out to me.

Wide-eyed, I see something lurking in the darkness.
Another illusion?

The sheets are crumpled, pieces clutched in my hand.
Images surface from the blankets.

I can't help the fact that I'll always hear those voices;
Waking me up throughout the night.

I'll never stop thinking about you, because knowing
I hurt my beloved keeps this fellow awake all night long.

Forgive this fool,
the sleep deprived one.

Calling me late this misty night,
I stay up late... eyes open wide.

QuoteMurderous Heart

Slowly, surely, in the end you will kill me.
Not with instruments of destruction,
Not by your own hands,
but your heart...
will kill me.

A bit crazy, yes?
That I notice you,
Even in a crowd, no, sea of people.
It hurts to say,
that even you are not worthy of my affection.

So please, take the time to figure it out!
I cannot stand being trapped in this cage
specifically designed by you.
Trying to pry my way out only hurts me;
Such a devious trick played by you.

The hours and days I spend for you
are a waste of valuable time and unrequited effort,
Because in the end
You will kill me...
with your heart.


Maybe you don't care
Maybe you can't even see me
But I'm there-
watching you
Actually I know you can't see me
and that's why loving you is so painful
You can't love me if you don't even know I exist
All I can do is love you from afar,
My precious.
Invisible... that's what I am.
I'm just a ghost to you.
Literally, I am.

QuoteThe Artist

Everyday she drew,
on paper, on the walls,
on the chalkboards in school, on backs of buildings,
and even on her own body.
Everything that came into reach, she drew.

The adults asked her,
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
But she ignored them, living in her own little world, by her own rules.

It was as if, everything drawn on canvas came to life.
What was better than living in a world of self-perfection?

One day, she met someone.
Someone called a "friend"
She drew that friend a picture
without using pencils or paper or paints or crayons.

That perfect medium she used was her heart.
She took out her glass heart and gave it to him
He thanked her, taking it with him.

The next day, he gave her heart to another
who shattered it to pieces.
Now this girl draws for the rest of her life
without a glass heart.

QuoteThe Walls tell the Truth

On the walls,
they crawl.
I can see them
as they watch me.
They're mocking me, begging me, wanting me...
As my soul calls out to them.
The walls painted with red written words,
“I think I love you


i really love these. They're different. :]. I especially love Faith. I think it's very sweet and comforting.