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New poems New member.

Started by glittersores, May 04, 2007, 12:15:46 AM

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These are two I've written today.

The Dentist's Mistake ( Fixed )

I sit waiting.
the infernal silence-
the quiet buzzing of stillness-
I hear my name being called.
I walk down long white hallways
-smelling of cleanliness
-smelling of anesthetics
I await ( in patience ) in a chair that mechanically reclines backward.
The dentist takes eternity to begin.
Air and water splash against my teeth.
He stops.
And leaves.
I wait more-
and wait-
and more-
and more I wait-
with the dental assistant by my side.
(she's waiting too of course)
That bright light shines in my eyes.
I do not like this place.
If they had just done what was orginally planned...
I feel bad for that bright light-
and all those instruments.
My heart goes out for them-
I sympathize for them-
they're stuck here-
in this crappy tooth hole.
The light is bright,
and soon it's all I see.
I'm still waiting.
I feel bad for the light.
I want to reach out to it-
I want to stroke it
-feel it's warmth
-and heat
-and to simply comfort it with a friendly hand gesture.
It's not the light's fault.
Poor poor thing,
stuck forever in this toothly damnination.
But if I had comforted the light,
I am most certain the dental assistant-
would have been sure to have found it peculiar.


Extreme physical discomfort-
Back aches.
A punching in my abdomen.
My legs feel heavy-
making my way-
up those stairs.
I'm almost home.
My key is ready.
Before I enter-
through the door-
it catches my eye.
What is it?
oh -
a flower.
A small flower.
Barely would fit -
in the palm-
of my hand-or-
inbetween my fingers-
A smile draws across my lips.
I bend down and -
pick up the purple plant.
It is mine
-a bit of redemption
-of hope.
It is mine.