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Good Movies

Started by ren_pii, March 18, 2007, 09:07:15 AM

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I can post this here right? You don't seem to have a section to talk about movies, tv shows or whatever... but I just wanted to post it here. Pretty general topic anyway. Move it if you feel it's out of place. (Or if there's an existing topic... sorry I made a new one...)

So I just wanna talk about movies... whatever you think is worth-watching.

So let me ask you this... is "Hannibal Rising" a good movie? Has anyone seen it? I heard it didn't give justice to its previous movies... but as a girl... and for the sake of Hannibal being portrayed as a sexy teenager... I can't help but want to watch it. (The other movies were pretty good too... I only saw Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs though.)

Also... any Battle Royale fans? I read and watched both the novel and movie... and even though the novel is better, I enjoyed watched the movie... just cuz... most of the characters were played by sexy actors... haha.... CURSE my fangirlism!


Never seen either of them. Only movies I've seen recently are "The Astronaut Farmer" (which is pretty good) and 300, which is quite good for a movie where you already know the ending from history. Only real complaint was pretty much what most comics have been ragging it about... gratuitous male near-nudity. Seriously, who goes into battle wearing nothing but a full metal helmet and leather briefs? For that matter, where the heck did they all get custom-fit leather briefs from? We're not talking loincloths here or anything, but tight-fit leather. Can you imagine the chafing? In other news: Ack! My eyes! My precious eyes!


oh! My Comparative Civilization class were gonna see 300, but our principal wouldn't let us... something about it being too violent and rated R. And YET... half our class is already 18... ;_; so it's kinda not fair... PLUS, they made us watch other R-rated movies such as Passion of the Christ (when we were in grade 9), Schindler's list, and Kingdom of Heaven. Gosh... probably cuz those movies are "educational"... T_T


I didn't mind the gratuitous near nudity. :)
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Gratuitous near nudity?  *bumps 300 up on her list of movies* :P

I haven't seen Hannibal Rising, but I'm not sure if I'd go to see it.  Red Dragon and Hannibal were a bit of a disappointment, compared to Silence of the Lambs.
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Nudity in 300? Ahaha... ohh... that's probably why we can't see it... @_@ *still wants to watch it anyway*


300.... yarrrr. *drool*

I had been debating with myself back and forth on rather or not to see it, and I finally did. is soooo worth it. I thought I wouldn't of liked it either... but it's so much more than simply a hack-n-slash movie. Granted, there is hacking and slashing... but I think it's done a good job to satisfy the mental aspect of things as well. =] (that... and anything with Gerrard Butler is almost worth seeing in my opinion.)
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