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Started by FloppityKat, April 16, 2007, 01:22:17 PM

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Username: Floppitycomics

E-Mail: floppitycomics AT gmail DOT com

Site Description:

A weekly-updating comic which follows a bunny named Combo and his chibi clone as they traverse dimensions after coming across a time-splitting vortex. They must find their way back to home before they're lost forever, and uncover the secrets behind the vortex itself.

Floppity has been hosted on Comic Genesis since October of 2006, the current site can be found here:


I've been watching this strip for a while. Started off kinda everywhere, but the recent plot has been pretty interesting, and I'm very curious to see where it goes.

Is the HTML all done yourself, without templates (I have no idea how CG works :/) Because I know someone is bound to ask that question :P

You've been a consistant updater, along with great artwork!

Well, good luck with the App!


Yeah that fantastic HTML was all me! lol I've been trying to figure out why the Dailytemplate.html file (where the archived strips are) won't allow me to have the same buttons and background as the indextemplate.html (the home page), but no such luck.

As for the early strips, I didn't have a solid storyline to go with so yeah it was pretty all over the place. The First story arc started in January, the next one will be coming along shortly.


So far, so good. Take note that there is no comic automation script like CG provides. You'll have to install your own. I usually suggest Walrus or ATP Autosite for that. But short of webdesign, it looks pretty good. "Scott-Bakula-Free" was a funny enough phrase that you've pretty much sold me. Just convince me you won't have problems doing your own website without the template stuff CG provides.

On a side note, what's up with all the Canadians? :-)


Hmmm, I'm certain that it wouldn't be a problem if there was some kind of tutorial or guide that could give me insight into how things work on Xepher. Is there anything like that kickin' around?


Basically you need an FTP program to upload your homemade HTM files (using like Front Page or something).

One page you'll need to have be a PHP page with some PHP code, but we can help you with that.

Basically Xepher works by holding your stuff online. You upload everything with a FTP progam (which are easy to find). You just need a basic knowledge of making an HTM file.


Databits wrote a helpful guide on how to upload things:

Other than that, can teach you all the HTML and stuff, or you can get a content management system and follow their directions on how to set things up.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


Learn a little PHP beyond what you need, but only because PHP just makes the 'little things' about your website that much simpler. Once I saw how powerful a few PHP files could be, I was sold.


Okay thanks for the advice! I've got some things to deal with in the coming months (moving across the country), and I don't see myself having the time to spend on this like I thought I would. May I come back when I can devote my full attention to it?


Sure, you can always reapply later.


Okay, I'm back and Floppity is relatively the same. However, there will be one-shot comics instead of storylines. Not sure what is involved with re-applying, so I'm here to say that I'm ready if Xepher will have me.



Well, applications (and possibly reapplications...I don't know) are closed for right now and then there's this nice new server thing in the works.  Plus, Xepher's in India.  It might be a while, I'm guessing, so sit around and chew the fat. ^_^

Are you planning on using a CMS or will you be handcoding all your pages?  Or, in the few months between, did you learn PHP?  Just curious because that's where the last application left off at.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


Well, you really only needed ONE php page and that's the index... but with the new server, that may not even be needed anymore.

if so, I can always make her a page or help her out... if she'd want :P


A few people have offered to help out with the PHP. If Fes would do it, I'd be cool with that ^_^


Any interest still on this application?