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Metamor Keep Story Archive

Started by Virmir, December 10, 2007, 09:08:49 PM

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username: metamor
email: kendo.virmir -at- gmail -dot- com

Metamor Keep is a shared setting story universe comprised of well over 300 stories, including one Ursa Major award winner and another nominee.  I have had the pleasure of maintaining this archive for the past six months after the previous maintainer had to step down, and am planning some improvements on the current design.  The current site is located at

Basically the reason we need to move is there's no database available on the current server, and all the fun stuff I have planned requires one. Hundreds of static HTML pages are a tad bothersome to maintain. ;)   I have had my own story archive hosted here on since March and have been thoroughly impressed with the service, so this was a natural choice.

I have the domain I'd like to associate with this account.

Thank you for your consideration!
- Virmir


Heh... it's funny actually. I was involved heavily in the TSA list for several years (pretty much 01 through 04,) and many of the first accounts on were fellow list members. In recent years, I've nearly dropped off the radar there, only glancing at the occasional story, but promising myself I'll get involved again "real soon now." Yet it's while I've been uninvolved that I've come to be hosting the Winds of Change story archive, and now, it seems the MK archive as well. All we need is the TSA itself it seems. :-)

Hmm, and the TSA site still hasn't been updated since 2003...

As for your hosting request, I'd love to host the MK archive... and the site you've made here for yourself proves you have the skills needed to maintain such a thing, so it's a go. You should have an email with login info.


Awesome!  Thanks. :)

He he, I actually offered to maintain the TSA site at one point, but all that did was stir a lengthy debate on whether it's better to reply to emails at the top or the bottom of the quoted text... *shrugs*

Some guys did step up and make a sort of successor to the TSA site in, but it's just MediaWiki software... kinda boring.  I have more fun things in plan for MK. ;)
- Virmir


Yeah, I think I twice suggested we move/rework the TSA with something a tad automated, and such... IIRC, both those discussions turned into debates about copyrights/permissions and practicality. Half the people didn't want ANY stories archived, and the other half wanted some magical script to auto-archive every story that came through the mailing list. I gave up for the time being. I figured if I ever DID want to do it, I'd just do it, announce it to everyone, and remove anything some author genuinely wanted removed... I just haven't found the motivation, as I have a lot of other stuff to work on. :-)