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Started by yny-u, December 05, 2007, 05:53:06 AM

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I love it. :3 The blue shades are great and not too attention-grabbing so you can focus on the art. The layout is very boxy and simplistic; great for showcasing works. Featured and recent works thumbnails are a good touch too, it definitely got my attention.

Only problem are the links, they're kind of squished into there. You should probably go with a simple css menu to give it its proper space.
If not, I think the hover is too dark, maybe a dark blue would fit better.

Just my two cents~


Thank you Shmooi ^^

Yes, I should do something about those links (plain old text, bleh).. For now, I have changed the colours a bit, made the text bigger and bolder, and added an on-hover background colour which should make them a little more legible.. I love what you have done with the links on your site (great work on that site all round by the way). When I get a chance I will try and do something a little nicer with CSS.


I got your email about setting up the domain name... problem is, my reply mails get rejected... is what you have your address set to, and gmail says that's not a valid account. The domain is setup and working, but you really should fix that.


Fixed. (I had mis-typed the address somewhere in Thunderbird's settings..)

Thank you for forwarding the domain.