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Game Over

Started by John, December 07, 2007, 01:56:31 AM

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Hello, I'm John.

Username: Mako



Comic Desc: Dante (White mage shirt, red hair) and Snake (Dark colored hoodie, brown hair) go through everyday life while making fun of mediocre games. Updates once or more a week.

Website Desc: The site is run on Wordpress 2.3, but the server will not load comic press. So that's why I turned to Xepher. Most hosts would either not even exist, or mess-up during installation of wordpress (Not providing DB Host par say). Xepher just seems like a good host to me.


EDIT: Okay, comic press works now. I also came to Xepher because the link name is shorter.
DAAHHHH! I make gaming webcomics, maybe that's why I'm insane...


5 quickly-sketched comics and a few doodles on a DA account... It's just not enough to qualify. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna say no. If you're still interested in a few months, and you've got a better body of work to show by then, you can reapply.


well, xepher beat me to the punch. So instead I'm just gonna say:

What he said. hope you have better luck elsewhere.
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