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Yet again, seeking advice (or commentary, at least)

Started by dragyn, April 28, 2007, 09:39:28 AM

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Yup, I'm opinion/critique seeking again.  I did a lot of things different with this one (I actually drew it with the computer, for one) so I want to know what all I did wrong.  Or, ya' know, right.

If ya' want to see it as it show up on the site, it's at

It's the only thing in the Extras Page right now, so I doubt it'd be hard to find...


wow that's really good!

How did you draw it on the computer? Mouse or Tablet?



I drew it with the mouse using spline curves.  I don't have a tablet.  All the shading, coloring, and whatnot was done with the mouse, as well.

Major improvement?  How so?


Awesome mousework, still.

I think he was talking about you normal color penciling. It's not a matter of Improvement to me (if that is what he is talking about) just a medium difference, and I can certainly see the the recognizable stylings as well.


I think that's really cool (and really cute), especially considering you don't have a tablet.  I found a super cheap Wacom tablet for about $80 that I've been thinking about getting because I want to try making my own fonts/brushes.  Obviously, this will require more thought for me, but maybe it's something you'd want to check out?  I've heard that it's a lot easier from my artist friends.
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I dunno...I still sketched it out with pencil and scanned that as a (very basic) guideline set.  I doubt a tablet would really help me.  Maybe someday, if I ever actually have a disposable income (or even an income at all) I'll look into it.

Since this takes longer than penciling...I'll probably not switch anytime soon.  I might do more PE work on the computer, though.  I did enjoy this, and for just 4 hours of's a lot faster (and less smelly) than drawing with Sharpies.

Layers are great.