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file permissions, ftp and ssh - problem found and solved!

Started by otrstf, May 15, 2007, 10:47:53 PM

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I was cleaning up some broken links in the Winds of Change Archive, and I  discovered to my horror that I could no longer upload the corrected pages to the site. Much messing around with ftp settings, pulling out of fur and reading of FAQs ensued.  Finally tracked the problem down to file permissions on the older copies on the website; a bit of chmod magic fixed it!

In the process, I switched from ftp to SSH to upload, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is no harder to use ssh. so a win all around.


On top of that, most scp clients are designed with a *nix file permission system in mind, meaning they have options to provide easy access to hidden files (that might be preventing a directory delete) and various other permissions (chmod-like functionality.) Oh, and it's way more secure than FTP!


Right! FTP is actually a common hack point on servers, most especially when anon is enabled.
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