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Anyone with Allergies?

Started by fesworks, April 30, 2007, 11:44:12 PM

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because this is how I've been feeling lately:

and no this just wasn't an attempt to pimp my comic. You all know its there.

But from about this time.. for about a month and a half, I'm practically worthless  at functioning properly... either looking like this or all doped up on Benedril.


I sometimes have allergies, but it's rare these days. Usually only a few days a year that are really bad. Sadly though, no medicine I've found does anything for 'em on those days. Only way I can get rid of them is to practically freeze myself. If I'm lucky enough to have access to a powerful A/C then I get myself down to nearly shivering cold, and they tend to go away. Afterwards I can usually hang on in a cool-ish room without problems. They come back as soon as I do something to exert myself too much, or go someplace too warm. I've learned to somewhat control my stress/metabolism, so if I can stay relaxed, I can tolerate slightly higher temperatures without the allergies returning.


I'm allergic to cats... I used to be like in your picture, but now it's a mild irritation. It's still annoying since just about EVERYONE owns a damn cat.
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I own a damn cat :P but I'm allergic to a kind of tree pollen. Kind of sucks that I live in the middle of the woods, then....

The worst times I get them are the beginnings of spring and fall, and it's really bad : although it's funny as hell to scare little kids when my eyes are bright red from the irritation.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


I was allergic to pine tree pollen one summer, and then allergic to strawberries for one summer, and allergic to 3 cats for 1 night.  They've since gone away.  Not quite sure how/why it happened, but it was interesting.  I felt like crap for most of the pine summer and rashy and scaley for the strawberry summer.  Now, I'm back to my normal lactose intolerance.
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I own a cat, too :3 I'm allergic to ant bites. I sometimes get a runny nose when spring beings, but it's usually cured if I'm somewhere cold. I definitely don't get it as bad as you - no red eyes, headaches, etc. XD
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


Quote from: tickyheadI own a damn cat :P
Yeah, the worst kind of cat! Shame!
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I'm allergic to cats... but not dogs. I like dogs better anyway...
I'm also allergic to like dust and stuff. The other day I couldn't breathe... and it was in tae kwon do class. It was way too stuffy in the gym... ughh... and then it sucked... but oh well.

Whenever I go to a doctors clinic or hospital, I like taking those free sick person masks. haha. So awesome... but then ppl think you have some kinda sickness and then they stay away from you. Haha.


I was allergic to shellfish (no lobster, crab, shrimp   :'( ) when I was younger and the regular treatment of benedryl to stop the reaction would, apparently, trigger an asthmatic episode, so I had little recourse but to avoid red lobster-type places altogether.

What I didn't know was that your allergies can change every few (4?) years or so, and after biting into a shrip-laden eggroll and not having to go to the hospital, I now enjoy underwater bugs just like everyone else ^.^

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Thankfully, my phobia of such creatures prevents me from being near them, even though I'm not allergic. :-P

But yeah, allergies can change. I used to be allergic to cats when I was really little, now I'm fine. I'm not really allergic to much anymore, just random plant sex particles from time to time as the seasons change, but usually never more than a day or two a year.