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This is probably a newbie question, but can two people share the same account while at the same time having separate content (Ex. two separate webcomics hosted in one website).

Yes. Of course if you end up in a row later on and one of you comes whining to me that you need the password changed, then the other comes complaining that the password was changed I'm more than likely just to kick you both out. If you share a password with someone, fine, but you're responsible for whatever happens, and I do NOT accept excuse of "but it wasn't me!"

Seriously, this has happened several times before, just as recently as last week even.

I don't blame you. It's a compromise to your sites security if you give the password out to ANY person. Kinda a "at your own risk" type thing. It's like, if I asked Xepher for the servers root password... it'd compromise system security and would 10 chances outta 10, not happen. Just make sure you understand the risks involved before doing this.

You could build a system on your webspace that allows multiple users from an interface rather than the actual account password. I'm sure there are plenty of php driven tools like such available.

Ah, well, it's my brother who I would be sharing it with... And considering he has all the web programming skills... In any case, we don't intend to argue about webspace.

I think controlled sharing is the best solution for this problem


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