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Account Verification Time!

Started by Xepher, June 13, 2007, 11:42:06 AM

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Well, I'm verified now.  Sorry it took so long--ISP and computer troubles, as usual.


Just FYI, you don't HAVE to check in here or anything... not that it's a problem if you do, just saying.


Okay, I've now locked all accounts that haven't been verified yet. If your account has been locked, please note, you need to BOTH fill out the verification forms at to get your account transfered to the new server AND email me to get your account unlocked in the meantime.

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Hehe, just when I finally got to checking my e-mail after the Seattle trip...I really need to get into the habit of checking that daily.
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yaay. New stuuuff! I gotta redesign my layout while a lotta changes are taking place. o:


Yeah, I've got some redesign of my own to do as well.

Also, NOTE: Several people have filled out the verification form, but NOT emailed me, thus their accounts are still locked. If you emailed me to get your account unlocked, but didn't get a response from me, post here, as your email might not have gotten through. I respond to every email I get once I've unlocked an account AND/OR if I have a reason for not unlocking it. Either way, you should hear from me.


just checking in, sent the form in and an e-mail.  Whenever u have time Xeph, sorry for the trouble of not responding sooner.
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Eep, I've been out of town and I just got back to check my e-mail and now I've got no e-mail to check!  I've gone through the verification system, any idea how long it will take to get my stuff back up?  And does this mean I won't receive the e-mails sent to me during the locked time? 


I just got your email, and unlocked your account (and sent you a reply.) And no, you won't lose emails that came while your account was locked. The lock basically just changed your password, and set up a rule in the webserver to forward everything to that announcement page. All "behind the scenes" functions continued to work as normal.

As a side note, it sounds like you use the email here a lot. As such, I'd advise you to pay attention once the move takes place. There will be an entirely new spam filtering system, as well as several other changes to how email works. You'll get an email (to the contact email you put in the verification form) once the move occurs, and it'll have links/instructions explaining everything. Just keep an eye out for it, probably a few weeks from now or so.


hey I did the application thingy a little while ago but didn't know I had to email you as well.  I'm assuming that means that my account is locked >__< Do I just need to post here or email you also?


No, I'll go ahead and unlock your account now. I do need you to email me about your domain name though. Right now, you've got it redirected through someone else to here, whereas the box on the form was for people that have had their domain linked directly with their account here on the server. It's the more "correct" way to do it, as it means the domain functions like a regular website, not a redirect. (The URL bar would always show, instead of It also gives you the option of using email addresses at your domain. Either way, you need to let me know, so I can either remove it from your form (if you want it to stay how it is) or so I can give you instructions for how to change your nameserver information to let the server here manage it.


If you've filled out a verification form, and your account is still locked, that means you need to EMAIL ME and let me know. If you DID email me, and didn't get a response, then I didn't get your email. Post here, let me know! I've got half a dozen verifications from people that never contacted me.


I don't need my account, but Can I have my stuff back??? My username is late.

Thanks a lot!


Okay, account is unlocked for now, but will not be moved to the new server. I suggest you download whatever you want in the next week or so.


I shot you an email a couple weeks back and a verification a while before that for the account holyknights.