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I'm going to try a little experiment for my communications class.

Started by Gwyn, September 14, 2005, 08:42:07 PM

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We have an assignemnt and I chose to do the body language part of it.

What I have to do is take 6 pictures of myself and/or friends displaying different emotions through body language (the way you stand, present yourself, facial expressions etc.).

What I want to do is go a bit further and collect a larger number of pictures and compare and contrast how people convey the same emotion. Looking at the simmilarities(sp?) and differences. (like maybe everyone who's angry might have the same murderous look on their face but stand differently). I also want to have some funny ones at the end of the project for a laugh, kinda like the ericemotions things.

So i'm asking, if you would maybe help me by being my larger number of sample pictures. You can send me one picture or as many as you want, just pick a few emotions and take a clear picture of yourself or your friends or whatever (preferably full or upper body shot, but i'll take anything). You can also send me a silly one too. You can PM them to me or e-mail them to me at

kthxbye :p
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ooh, if I give you some of my pics, can I have copies of what you get?  That would work AWESOME for my social skills classes.
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Yeah sure. I posted this elsewhere but I dunno how good of a responce i'm going to get.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


OOOH, I think I might have some. Do you still need stuff?
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Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?

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You can snag whatever piccys you need from my page, girly.
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