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fanart time!

Started by phantasus, June 27, 2007, 02:12:50 PM

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hello everyone  :) , so, i was feeling like drawing some fanart,so im working on this picture of this movie i like. anyway, i want this to be my own vision but also want it to be evident who the character is. sooo...  who you think she is?  ???

also, im having some touble whit the hair, i dunnno  :-[ , i just dont like it....any advice?



Well, maybe it's just because that's one of the few movies I actually own a copy of, but it seems rather obvious. The sketch of Stitch over the top of her is rather a dead giveaway too. As for the picture, it looks pretty good... It's hard to do a realistic version of a character when the art was originally quite simplistic too. I mean, Lilo's head is literally a circle in most scenes. My only complaint was that it looks a little too "shiny" I think. Her cheeks and hair both have specular highlights that are too sharp.


Actually.. I was kind thinking it was that girl before I clearly say stitch there.


 :) thanks! im happy to know it can be reconized.
i will keep working on this and try to fix the highligths.


I agree, I thought Lilo right off the bad when I saw her, good job. Honestly I really didn't see Stitch till after I read others stuff and looked again.
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Yeah, I figured it out pretty quick.  Not bad at all, especially as (like has already been said, I know), the original was very simplistic.  I don't know about it being too shiny, as the sun does make skin shiny. 

Then again, I get about as much sun as a mole, so who am I to talk about it?


i have been trying to fix the shiny skin problem, but still dont got it rigth, so i will leave it like that while i paint stitch and then go back to fix it.
so, this is how stitch is turning out so long

thanks for the comments