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Another one?

Started by dragyn, June 23, 2007, 02:32:10 AM

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Yup.  Another one.  Dug this one up, half-finished, on my hard drive, and saw fit to finish it.

As always, critique is welcomed, encouraged, and all that.  (Read: What all did I do wrong this time?)


Is that a codpiece or is he fighting evil au naturale?
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


Your computer stylings continue to get better! very cool :)


you have your style, and it looks nice. the only thing i would advice you about this drawing is to check out for the ligth source, since there are some sligthly shiny spots in the clothing and they all seem to come from diferent points. also, if the left hand? is a weapon, and it is metal, you may consider adding some ligths to it,  to give it the metalic feeling.  ;)

the background is realy nice ( me likes it ) but the white part gets a bit cofusing whit your signature, you can either change it to the other side (left) or change its color, maybe a grey , a ligth gray, to make it clear.

good luck. :)


@ Griever:  Codpiece.  O.o

@ Fes:  Thanks!

@ Phantasus:  Highlights are always where I have the most trouble.  The light is supposed to be coming from the top-left. 

As far as the text in the bottom left--is it hard to read?  I put it on a similar color so it wouldn't stand out too much, though if it's hard to read, it defeats the purpose of its existence.


I thought so, but I thought I should check.  It ends up being quite nearly the same color as his darker fur color.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


sometimes i draw a little sun or ligthbulb in the place i choose ligth is comming from, then draw arrows marking how the ligth hits the object. it helps me define where are ligths and where are shadows. try to imagine it 3-dimentional  ;) hope this helps you.


Actually, it's a bit darker than his fur...maybe I should make it even darker...

I did sketch a light source when I drew it on paper, but it disappeared when I scanned it in, so it didn't really end up being helpful...good advice, though.  That's how I work lighting on paper.


I think it looks pretty good, better than I could do freehand (note the one I posted is done with vectors which is cheating  :P). I've never really been much of a fan for the humanoid-animal styled thing, but besides that lets see...

I agree with the lighting, it just doesn't seem... complete. I'm also confused as to the middle of the forehead, is it a third eye?? Also (and only because I wear armor IRL at times) I notice that the secondary piece of armor wraps around the entire thigh, which kinda looks strange to me. Most leg armor styles have 1/2 the thigh exposed or have a seam where the front and back fit together along with buckles and straps to hold them together.
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Humanoid-animal styled things used to be easier for me than full humans. :)

The Third Eye is, in fact, a third eye, which belongs to the creature on his head.'re right.   I had the seam/staps sketched in there, but I seem to have forgotten to trace them.  (though the straps were of the same variety as those holding the lower armor together)

Thanks for the input, Data!