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Xepher's Trip

Started by Xepher, August 15, 2007, 03:58:09 AM

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I'm going to Colorado for a week, starting tomorrow. That puts me back the 22nd of August. I might have internet access while there, but probably not. As such, if something goes wrong of anyone needs help, well... Try emailing me, if I DO get online at all, I'll check email at least, but I can't promise anything. Sorry for the (almost) no-notice, but I haven't even been at home for the past two days, and it pretty much slipped my mind. I mentioned it briefly in the new server thread I think.

Anyway, see ya'll when I get back!


*Runs amok while Xepher is away*


Ah ha, there IS internet here... the computer was hidden in a wardrobe in the master bedroom!

Anyway, I won't be spending much time online, because hey... there's much better places to be when you're in Colorado. :-)

P.S. Loving the new camera!


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there's a silly man blocking the view!


Well, it's time for the next trip. This time I'm going to India for about two weeks. I leave tomorrow, and I'll be back the 15th of October. I've left my friend Will (Willsan on the forums) in charge while I'm gone. He'll try to keep things running while I'm away, but please don't bother him with minor issues. I will probably not have any net access at all while I'm gone, so most everything will have to wait until I get back.


You're lucky to have that chance...I'd love to go to India some day, but time and money are not so good right now.  I hope you have fun, or at least a huge educational experience, and don't get infected. :(
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Quote from: Xepher on October 03, 2007, 08:15:36 AM
I've left my friend Will (Willsan on the forums) in charge while I'm gone.


Err, I mean, at your service!   ;D
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Oh, evil time!

*runs off to write a self running php script to eat resources and preform DoS*
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India? I am insanely jealous right now! Have fun! :)
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


I'm back. Thank God! Awake nearly 48 hours now. India frightening. I Love America! *Kisses ground* Sleep now, more later.




Scary, was it? Sounds like fun.
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It was... "interesting" and I saw/did some things I would never have done otherwise (and will hopefully never do again.) I would not use the word "fun" to really describe any part of it though. I'm gonna make a full write-up of my experience and put it up along with some of the pictures I took. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Today's my birthday, so I told myself I didn't have to do jack today. :-)