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Started by Xepher, July 21, 2005, 08:25:48 PM

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If you'd like your post count from the old forums restored to the new system, post a message here. If you had a different user name on the old one, make sure to point that out.


I hope this wont be to much work for you to change them all.

But I'm the same old me on the other forums too.
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Actually, it's quite easy...  just click your name here, type in the number, and hit save. Looking it up on the old forum takes the most time, about 20 seconds.


yea but the repetitiveness!

 *sees your post count* Cheater!

715 posts for me, please ^_^
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I am sick. I am sick, sick, sick of your shit. And when I'm not sick, I'm tired. I am sick and tired!

Kahootz... I've been... *kahooted*.


Quote from: Lei*sees your post count* Cheater!
Yeah, but I'd have the largest post count anyway... This just makes it a joke.


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I haven't been on the old forums that long - so I barly even have a post count.  Anyways, same screen name - but capitalized!


Because I feel so sad at my little message count here...

Same name on the old forums.


FYI, your title can be set by you to whatever you want.


I know. I need to think of something that would be title-worthy though. I'm not sure if my dA title of 'Deathy, the Arsemaster Artist' is very nice to have up there. :P


Ooh, I'd like some more posts too please!
Same name.  ^__^


Me too!  224 please.  

Also same name.


Yay! New forums!

Same name, please. 390 posts!
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