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Does Xepher have an avatar of himself somewhere?

Started by fesworks, August 17, 2007, 04:08:08 AM

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I thought he portrayed himself as a wolf or something... but I just see an otter with a pet fish :\ :P


It was a snow leopard, not a wolf. Even so, there were still several that I've used.


Ah yes, so  you wouldn't mind if I made a fursona of you, or at least a Xepher.Net-Sona would you? I'd say a Xepher-Chan or whatever, but I think that's a girl version.

EDIT: If so, clothing? and which color of leopard?


Yeah, I try to avoid the horrible "-chan" on every name thing... it one of the worst memes we got from anime. As far as I understand it, it specifically means "child" and is usually only used by VERY familiar people. That is, something a grandmother would call her grandchild.

But as to your question... no problem at all! I'd actually be interested to see what you come up with, and it never hurts to have another avatar/character image.

Colors/clothes... umm, really up to you I guess. Any valid snow leopard colors would be fine. Meaning white/grey and up to light brown for the main color, with dark-grey to black rosettes. As for clothes... never really thought of it much. Most settings I've had the character in tend to not have clothes for more animal-like forms... "Xepher" is (nearly) quadrupedal in most settings. That is, most comfortable on four legs, but can stand up to do various human-like things that need hands or what. Feel free to interpret things however you want though. Anything including quadruped, full anthro, the 'taur form above or a mix of stuff in between. Colors (within realistic bounds) as you want. Clothing is the same thing, though for reference, usually baggy-ish and plainer clothes. E.G. Cargo shorts and t-shirts in a modern settings, safari gear in a victorian era, or bulky armor in war-like settings. Just a suggestion though, so do whatever you want. :-)


He'd be Xepher-kun anyway, because he's male.  But yeah, -chan and -kun are overused in the US, IMHO.
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Cargo Pants and T-Shirts, Its like you know my style ;) :P

It will take me a while. I'm wanting to include the character in a Jenny montage strip where I'll have a drunk duck and Gen-Chan from CG, if that's ok.

usually a Quad? means I'll have to draw the feet and legs a certain way for upright. I'll see what I can do with the talent I can muster :P


Draw it however you want or whatever's easiest for you. Upright, bipedal (normal) anthro is just fine. It's a generic fursona that changes based on the setting anyway. But if you're trying to figure out how to do it... I don't know if you read Freefall, but the Florence character is a good example of a quadruped that walks upright. And the simple art style makes it easy to figure out the anatomy. Here's a good scene (Note that in that comic she's wearing shoes.)


I love Florance! She's such a cool character :D Though I have been board with the latest wordy... preachy?... storyline.... the robotic cameos are entertaining though.


As a side note, while "-Chan" is generally used to refer to children, it also can be used as a suffix from one close friend to another, usually by girls and up into their teenage years.

So. Yeah.

That's enough of my Japanese geekery.