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Started by phantasus, October 06, 2007, 04:53:34 AM

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October is my favorit month, and i like halloween a lot, so i wanna do something special for this year here in the forum. so this is it :

i will make a simple ( no background or big details) colored drawing in my style of your character ( or character of choise) asking for candies of everyone who posts " trick or treath" here and a picture of your character ( or your own, and i will make a cartoon of you) or the link to a pic of your character.
Please post before Oct.20, since i need time to draw and paint, so i will only do those i resive before Oct.20
Also, if you want your character to be in some specific costume please say so and give references, if you dont specify i will dress your character in whatever costume i want to draw at the moment.

i will post all the drawings on halloween nigth, as a present.


You should make Xepher's avatar one of them with a mad scientist outfit.  :D
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pick your poison

Edit: I'm well aware that it's past the 2nd I just think the second pic of me is hilarious.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Hmm...'cuz I like to see how other people draw him:


Any attire is fine, though it'd be interesting to see him in something other than his usual armor...



Fixed. Draw him ANY WAY YOU LIKE.
DAAHHHH! I make gaming webcomics, maybe that's why I'm insane...


this makes me want to do some sort of halloween drawing...
anyway, here's my girly:


Trick or treat :o Here's my character, Nia (colors here). I was thinking of her dressing up as Disney's Snow White, but it's really up to you :3 But if I'm a day too late, then that's okay too :)
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


dont worry pigeon-wing, i will do your character any way! =)


Aw, thank you! Best of luck with the project! :3
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


happy halloween to everyone, i hope you all get lots and lots of candy and have fun.

i must say im sorry, i had a lot of work at school and didnt finished painting on time, so im realy realy sorry.
here are the sketches anyway, hope you like them, i will post the painted-finished version as soon as i can.

Databits recuest for xepher on a mad sientist outfit:

Gwyn as a angry smoking box:

Dragyns Demon as Dr. Spock :
( had a lot of fun drawing this one!!)

Mako's character lea as a little wizard:

Robynie as Disneys Belle from the beauty and the beast :

Pigeon-Wing as Disneys Snowwhite:


Nice sketches. Gwyn-in-a-box is pretty funny looking. :-)


Lovely sketches :3 Candyless mad scientist and smoking box made me giggle x3 Haha, I'll make sure to eat only the white half of the apple ;3
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.