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Another donation question

Started by crescens, October 18, 2007, 11:41:25 PM

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I know that you're planning on changing the donation system, but as of now, is there any way of finding out who donated to me?  Just their emails or something, so I can thank them personally?  I'd really like to do that, but on my account I can only see how much has been donated in total. :/ 


First off, note that you have donations set to "pass" meaning you skipped your cut and it all went to itself. If you already knew that and intended it, then ignore me. I just always point that out if someone starts asking about donations, in case they weren't clear on it.

As for "who" I never setup any record keeping for that, so it's not recorded by the system at all. I do, however, have the emails I received from paypal, and I could probably grep through those to find the ones matching your account. I'll have to do it by hand, so send me an email asking for it, and that'll remind me next time I'm sorting through mail (and make it easy for me to remember/find your address.)


Yep, I do realize that I set it to "pass".  I'd just like to thank them anyway.  I'll send you an email about it, thanks a lot. :)