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Started by Xepher, November 14, 2007, 07:16:54 PM

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I thought this was a great idea. And check out the first answer there, where they mention CRM114... that's what we just started using for spam filtering here! :-P


I wonder if this is going to be the new attempt at AI.  Take the action that has the highest probability of being right from a block of seed data and reenforcement.

The possibilities are endless!  Why stop with filtering message board stupid?  Check the code uploaded to the file server; see if my next move as a probability of being stupid; maybe you could filter the submissions of an art-site like that...

...dammit, that's going to cost me two cups of tea and few hundred lines of Perl.


Well, it's interesting from the CRM114 standpoint... I've (obviously) looked into that extensively, and I picked it as a spam filter, because it's a completely naive classifier. It has no preconceived notions of what you're trying to filter, so you can train it only anything. It's got a bunch of different modules/classifiers it can use too... one of them, the hyperspace classifier, almost sounds like something out of science fiction. It models your comparison by basically taking the two training datasets, and modeling them as hyperspatial (n-dimensional) galaxies, and then emitting a single "photon" from each star (data point) and calculating total illumination of the document being tested, based on it's proximity to each star. I'm actually looking at using some of the algorithms for the Artica project, as a way to potentially compare artwork (based upon user/viewer opinions and interactions.) The spam filter here uses the much more basic classifiers though, as they're more mature at the moment.

As for the actual stupidfilter project... I don't think they're serious about it, I just think it's a good joke idea, like the old swedish-chef translator.


The question is, will the stupid filter filter out these warcraft ads?

EDIT: But it's gotta make sure to let through


Also, the filter should use the info from this article with special attention/focus on the pictures used for the ratings. :-)