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Banner and Box Ad Ratings

Started by Xepher, December 19, 2007, 02:36:10 PM

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It's recently been brought to my attention that one of our users uploaded banner and box images (for the rotating "ads" thing) that contained nude sketches. (As I hadn't said anything on this before, I can't blame the user for not reading my mind.) While the actual art is something allowed for a site here, I ask that everyone please keep their image ads for the box/banner to a PG or lower rating. That basically means no cuss words, no sex/nudity, and nothing more than "cartoon" violence. In a similar vein, any site with content at or above an R rating needs to have some sort of basic warning before the actual content is viewed. That can be as simple as a warning on your front page that your comics or image gallery might contain violence, nudity, or whatever the explicit content might be. You don't have to make specific warnings for every post or picture, just as long as there's some warning people see before the stuff they might find offensive.